I Can Has Cheezburger?


a list of tweets about dogs wearing sweaters | thumbnail include two pictures of a dog in an orange sweater and text 'I would die for this dog and the sweater'

Good Boys All Bundled Up And Ready For Sweater Season

Bow wow!
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knitted sweaters animals cozy aww adorable cute fall autumn knit sweater | five chicken dressed in colorful knit sweaters standing in a row on top of a fence

Cozy Up: Animals In Fashionable Knitted Sweaters

Cute and functional
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Tortoise Fashion: When Your Grandma Got Too Much Time On Her Hands | turtles wearing knitted shell coverings shaped like a taco and like a cupcake with a candle stuck in it

Tortoise Fashion: When Your Grandma Got Too Much Time On Her Hands

Tortoise Fashion
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funny holiday sweaters featuring animals

15 Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are Actually Awasome

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a funny list of chickens in sweaters

Chicken Sweaters is the Latest Fashion Trend

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Villagers in India knit giant sweaters to keep elephants warm

Elephants Are Wearing Sweaters in North India And Here’s Why

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an adorable little pug sitting on the couch in a bright pink sweter looking confused - cover for animals that might or might not love their new sweaters

These Animals Are Loving Their Sweaters...Maybe

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Who Said Turtlenecks Weren't In Season?

sweaters goats cute - 8405214208
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Now That's a Way To Stay Warm this Bunday

bunnies sweaters cute bunny - 8405211392
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Sweaters On and Ears Up, It's Fall!

fashion sweaters french bulldogs cute fall - 8362140416
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Can't You Tell by my Face?

Cats grandma sweaters - 8255334912
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I Didn't Think You'd Notice

sweaters - 7912117248
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Don't Act so Sheepish...You Look Good!

sweaters sheep funny - 8087315200
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Because Your Kids Need Warm Sweaters in the Cold Weather

Babies kids sweaters goats cute - 8104975616
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poorly dressed sweaters winter weird g rated - 215813

Dog Fur...It's Wool for Canine Lovers!

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I Got This Covered

sweaters cute winter funny - 8052325888
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