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3 TikTok videos about a cat that loves his human's hoodies and makes funny faces | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of a white cat in a hoodie 'so my cat really likes hanging out in my sweaters.. MY PRECIOUSSS'

Cuddly Cat Squeezes Into Her Hooman's Hoodies And Makes Funny Faces

He loves herself a good oversized hoodie
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viral thread about a senior cat who cries when his owner takes his sweater off thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat wearing a sweater 'This is Steve. He's 18 and cries if I take his sweater off rosytroll'

Awwdorable Senior Cat Cries If His Sweater Is Taken Off (Viral Thread)

18 years old and infinitely adorable.
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knitted sweaters animals cozy aww adorable cute fall autumn knit sweater | five chicken dressed in colorful knit sweaters standing in a row on top of a fence

Cozy Up: Animals In Fashionable Knitted Sweaters

Cute and functional
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aww goats cute sweater Video - 86076161

Watching Baby Goats in Sweaters Jump Around Will Never Not Be Cute

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shelter sweater animals holidays rescue - 1349125

This Non-Profit Had an Ugly Sweater Party With Rescue Animals and It Was So Cute

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sweater crafts Video - 84587777

Jenna Marbles Created a Quadruple Dog Sweater and It's Incredible

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but don i looks pretty?

christmas sweater - 1448710400
See all captions Created by bloody_mary

When Mom Makes You Pose for a Picture Wearing the Ugly Christmas Sweater Grandma Sent You

Via itsfoine
christmas festive sweater Cats holidays - 1262085

Cats and Dogs Look Way Better in Ugly Christmas Sweaters Than Us Humans Do

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chihuahua clothes clothing gift grandma knit present sweater - 5189987584
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cute sweater hamster hairless - 1060357

This Hairless Hamster Is Cozy and Warm Thanks to Her New Sweater

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twitter kitten sweater Cats rescue - 1018629

Kitten Found During Hurricane Matthew Becomes Twitter Famous Thanks to a Tube Sock

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FAIL puppy sweater Video - 82904833

Pekingese Puppy Hates Her New Sweater So Much; Gives up on Life

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Honey, I shrunk the dog!

chihuahua exclamation puppy surprise sweater tiny - 3391899392
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Happy Birthday!

black cat sitting on armchair surrounded by loose blue wool on floor
Created by AaronRW ( Via Cheezburger )

You Expect Me to Wear This in Public?

you expect me to wear this in public?
Via Drakyo
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