I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a cockatoo going on a ride and screaming and swearing the whole way | thumbnail includes a picture of a bird perched on a man's shoulder inside of a car

Senior Cockatoo Goes On A Ride And Loudly Complains The Whole Way (Video)

Pebble is back, and she's as loud as ever!
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five parrots are separated after egging each other on to say offensive words - thumbnail of a grey parrot

Five Swearing Parrots Separated After Egging Each Other On

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Yet Not a Single One Was Given

swearing ducks tracks cement - 6944278272
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Animal Capshunz: Nobody Would Blame You

best of the week captions Hall of Fame language orca scared seal seals startled surprise swearing whales - 6354729728
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MemeCats: Watch Your Foul Language, Chemistry Cat!!!

angry chemistry cat fires memecats Memes research swearing - 5341525760
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a whole lotta shakin' goin' on

caption captioned cat chihuahua coffee cruel displeased Hall of Fame i swear mean suspicious swearing trick upset - 4354278656
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alibi crime denial lies suspect swearing two witness yorkshire terrier - 4129944576
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Hall of Fame Harry Potter husky mischief swearing - 3767706880
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cute kitten naughty swearing - 2938919168
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exploded fur lies lolcats murder swearing - 1482947840
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