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tumblr thread about a man picking up swans and bringing them to safety | thumbnail includes a picture of two boats full of swans and one tumblr post 'Font - This guy's job title is "Schwanenvater", aka "swan father", and his job literally consists of getting swans to safety before the winter chill sets in. How does he do this, you wonder? Easy: he goes up to EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SWAN in the city and sticks them in barges. I'm serious:'

Tumblr Thread: Swan Daddy Bringing All The Swans To Safety

...swan daddy?
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story about a rescued swan reuniting with its mate thumbnail includes two pictures including a rescuer holding a swan and two swans reunited

Swan Waits For Her Rescued Mate To Return After Rehabilitation

Rescue followed by the most romantic reunion
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story about a man and a swan who have been friends for the past 37 years after he rescued it thumbnail includes two pictures including a man hugging a swan and an excited swan standing next to a man

Heartwarming 37-Year Friendship Between A Man And The Swan He Rescued

The kind of friendship we could only dream of.
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pictures of swan moms carrying their babies thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a swan holding a bunch of tiny swan babies under its wings and another of a tiny swan baby standing on its mother's chest

Aawdorable Swan Moms Carrying And Protecting Swan Babies

Is there anything more wholesome than baby swans being carried by mom?
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birds swans Video - 78860801

Watch These Adorable Baby Swans Get Rescued

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attack swans elderly Video - 77922817

Elderly Residents Protect Themselves From Aggressive Swans With Water Pistols

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Happy Swan Takes a Bath

baths birds gifs critters swans - 8507172864
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Black Swans Feed Koi

birds gifs critters swans fish - 8307141888
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Swan Family Beach Outing

critters family gifs waves swans water - 8305223424
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

They're Headed Towards the Tunnel of Love

Babies cute birds love swans - 8229459456
Via yourmomsbox2000
Babies chicks cute swans mom boats - 60471809

All Aboard the S.S. Mommy!

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Off to a Quiet Corner

Babies cute swans family - 8087869696
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.pinterest.com )

THe Tunnel of Love Just Got Weird

funny rabbits swans - 8083269376
See all captions Created by wolflover77

Surf's Up!

gifs geese surf swans - 7975469056
Created by Unknown

Cuddle Time

Babies swans beauty - 7825055488
Created by sixonefive72

Swans Feed the Fishes

cute swans feeding - 7482799616
Created by SatevisM
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