I Can Has Cheezburger?


20 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Hand' and 'Cat' and one comment including 'Font - Her face lol she looks just as surprised as you!'

"I Woke Up To A Meowy Big Surprise" - 20 Times Cat Owners Woke Up to Surprise Kittens And Didn't Even Know Their Cats Were Pregnant

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A TikTok video and 17 funny comments about a cat seeing his reflection for the first time ever | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat looking at its own reflection in the window 'he's like" who's this distinguished gentleman'

Francois Discovers His Reflection For The First Time Ever But Doesn’t Realize He’s The Man In The Mirror

Who is this distinguished gentleman?
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imgur thread about a cat with a perpetually surprised face | thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised cat 'Perpetual shocked face FloatingVampireJesus'

Cat With A Perpetually Shocked Face Takes Over The Interwebs (Thread)

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reddit posts of mildly surprised cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a surprised cat playing with some trash 'Caught with the trash u/RedditUser314159269' and another slightly surprised cat 'I itched my leg... u/OuttaTheSideHatch'

Cat Getting Mildly Startled By Nothing At All

*mild confusion intensifies*
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viral imgur thread of a cat who constantly looks alarmed | thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised looking cat 'A L A R M E D by idothemaths'

New Internet Sensation Alert: The Perpetually Alarmed Derpy Cat

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viral imgur thread about a cat who always looks a little surprised thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised cat

Perpetually Mildly Surprised-Looking Cat (Viral Thread)

Always mildly surprised.
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shocked expressions on pets - thumbnail of surprised cat and dog

Shocked Pets Who Just Discovered They Are Adopted

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pictures of cats who look mildly startled thumbnail includes two pictures of a black kitten with its eyes wide open looking slightly surprised and the caption 'My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had!' 'Cat - LOWER BAR LOWER BAR Great Value nenpet Dit 169A 0Z (1PT09FLOZ 50mL 国 Cal my mon Shegy ng In Chipped'

Mildly Startled Cats Being Mighty Silly

Slightly startled hilariousness starring cats
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wildlife photographers animals surprise amazing wow stories nature wild surprised video youtube

Compilation Of Photographers Being Surprised By Wild Animals (Video)

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A dog sitting on a small bench, looking very shocked - cover photo for a list of shocked dogs

These Dogs Have The Best Shocked Expressions, That We Just Had To Share (15 photos)

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A New Challenger Appears

Cats fish surprised - 8471899648
See all captions Created by rucussing

Whaddaya Mean, I'm Adopted?

animals surprised adopted - 8348894464
Created by beernbiccies

A Surprise Photo

Cats cute surprised - 8254287360
Via joshH7

Is that the...DOG!? I'm Outta Here!

Cats gifs funny run surprised scared - 8023404288
Created by beernbiccies

But I Love the Perfume!

surprised unaware - 8170866432
See all captions Created by signet02

That's it! I'm Getting My Own Den!

surprised tigers mom funny - 8166207232
Via konzelwoman
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