I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a sick cat getting a piece of plastic removed from its stomach | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with many bandages and a cat headbutting a man

After 2 Years Of Bad Health, Vets Remove Something Unexpected From Cat's Stomach And He Starts Feeling Better (Video)

Please keep an eye on your kitties <3
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An article with 6 screenshots and 2 tiktok videos about the story of a girl surprising her dad with a rescued cat | Thumbnail includes a photo of the rescued cat, a photo of the dad, and a selfie with dad and cat 'surprising my dad with a cat he's pissed'

Dad Goes From Texting About How Bad The Cat Is To Texting Cute Pictures Of Cat's Criminal Activities

There's nothing more wholesome than a story about a dad going from ‘no pets in the house’ to forever falling in love with the fella.
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a video of a homeless cat getting surprised with a new house | thumbnail includes a photo of the cat enjoying it's new house

Homeless Cat Surprised With Brand New Home (Video)

What a sweet gift!
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imgur thread about a cat with a perpetually surprised face | thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised cat 'Perpetual shocked face FloatingVampireJesus'

Cat With A Perpetually Shocked Face Takes Over The Interwebs (Thread)

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reddit posts of mildly surprised cats | thumbnail includes two pictures including a surprised cat playing with some trash 'Caught with the trash u/RedditUser314159269' and another slightly surprised cat 'I itched my leg... u/OuttaTheSideHatch'

Cat Getting Mildly Startled By Nothing At All

*mild confusion intensifies*
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viral imgur thread of a cat who constantly looks alarmed | thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised looking cat 'A L A R M E D by idothemaths'

New Internet Sensation Alert: The Perpetually Alarmed Derpy Cat

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viral imgur thread about a cat who always looks a little surprised thumbnail includes two pictures of a surprised cat

Perpetually Mildly Surprised-Looking Cat (Viral Thread)

Always mildly surprised.
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pictures of cats who look mildly startled thumbnail includes two pictures of a black kitten with its eyes wide open looking slightly surprised and the caption 'My cat Tuna Fish’s reaction to seeing me in the bath. She’s the most expressive cat I’ve ever had!' 'Cat - LOWER BAR LOWER BAR Great Value nenpet Dit 169A 0Z (1PT09FLOZ 50mL 国 Cal my mon Shegy ng In Chipped'

Mildly Startled Cats Being Mighty Silly

Slightly startled hilariousness starring cats
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wildlife photographers animals surprise amazing wow stories nature wild surprised video youtube

Compilation Of Photographers Being Surprised By Wild Animals (Video)

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cats kitten youtube video surprise attack animals aww cute

Kitten Takes Pleasure In Surprise Attacking Older Cat (Video)

Surprise attack
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Best Vacation Ever!

take her somewhere special photos of a man covering a woman's eyes then of the same woman looking shocked with her hands over her mouth. bottom photo is of a dock surrounded by many cats
Via Cats On Catnip
dogs on planes

Hey, There's a Dog On Plane (12 Pics)

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Doggo Surprises Owner

surprise doggo doggo memes - 9236806144
Via Pinterest
meowing at cats

Cats Reactions To Owners Meowing Back At Them

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giant whale leaps by a boat

A Giant Whale Leaps Out Of Water In Front Of Surprised Tourists

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baby puppy wife cute photoshoot surprise husband - 5648389

Women Makes Her Husband Believe a Baby Is Coming But Has a Different Surprise For Him

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