I Can Has Cheezburger?


ICanHasCheezburger original story about a rescued goat getting brain surgery | thumbnail includes two pictures of a goat no a surgery table

Wild Goat Braves Life-Saving Brain Surgery Only To Come Back Stronger

Thank you to the wonderful people involved in the rescue!
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video of a goose watching and waiting for her mate to get out of surgery | thumbnail includes a picture of a goose being given air and another goose watching through the door

Concerned Goose Waits For Her Injured Mate To Get Out Of Surgery (Video)

They mate for life <3
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viral imgur thread about a cat who was abused by its previous owner getting adopted and going through surgery successfully thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat with a cast and another of a cat with a cast being hugged '"We weren't sure if his leg was too damaged to repair since the band had been on there for weeks. But his surgery went really well! The surgeon was able to repair his severed Achilles tendon, remove the dead tissue, and piece his leg back together." - thecomfycat'

Abused Cat Gets Adopted And Has Successful Surgery To Fix Broken Leg (Viral Thread)

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web comics blue dog dogs doggo surgery aww cute wholesome relatable animals | cartoon drawing READY KNEE OPERATION? WILL HURT? J? VET UH LITTLE

Pawsitively Precious: Artist Draws Comic About His Dog's Knee Surgery

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fish surgery

Australian Family Spends Hundreds Of Dollars On Lifesaving Surgery For Their Pet Koi-Fish

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goldfish surgery tumor success

Tiniest Surgery Patient Ever, A Goldfish, Successfully Has Tumor Removed

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patient toys cute Video surgery - 385799

Concerned Pup Waits Patiently While Her Toy Is Repaired

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Is She Gonna Be Okay, Doc?

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cute happy Video surgery - 61832705

Duffy is One Happy Pup After Regaining His Sight

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Stockings the Kitten is Now Able to Walk After Recent Surgery!

people pets Cats surgery rescue - 8020695552
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My, How the Tables Have Turned, Veterinarian

Cats funny surgery vets - 7968834816
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It Was Her Favorite One

funny surgery window - 7533539584
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Video surgery drugs chewbacca star wars sounds high - 43422977

Dog Wakes Up From Surgery, Sounds Like Chewbacca

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Lolcats: Leg graft

best of the week Cats colors doctor fur leg lolcats medical operation surgery - 6342917120
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Lolcats: Well, I've got good news and bad news.

bad news best of the week Cats doctor head lolcats operation surgery - 6139056640
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comic doctor cat FAIL heart oops surgery toys - 4707784448
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