I Can Has Cheezburger?


30 screenshots from a Twitter thread of chunky cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures of orange and white cats 'My vet said I'm overweight, but I think I'm just extra fluffy'

Vet Calls Cat Thicc And Chonky, Body Pawsitive Twitter Cats Say Otherwise

Fat? No, this is just my floof
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12 photos and videos of cats and dogs watching their human's in the bathroom | Thumbnail includes a photo of a cat peeking through a door 'no u dont understand i have to watch u poop'

Cats Follow Their Owners To The Bathroom To Protect Them From Dangerous Bathroom Things

I protec from danger
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4 Tiktok videos of dogs in the office | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of a golden retriever in the office with a cone ' Morning nap, my life as an office dog with no sick leave, contemplate quitting'

A Day In The Life Of An Office Doggo: The Good, The Bad, And Everything In Between

Hardworking queens
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twitter account of a blind cat thumbnail includes two pictures including a blind cat wearing a sweater sitting on a bench and another of a blind cat on a leash 'As a tiny kitten I was left at a dump to die. I had a terrible infection in both eyes. Someone brought me in to my mom's vet clinic, and she fell in love!'

Giving Love Back To A Blind Kitty Full Of Positivity

Twitter account full of only love, kindness, and support.
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support animals love aww cute pets cats dogs | I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this adorable brown cat sitting with its head bowed down

Pets Offering Silent Support For Their Humans

So heartwarming
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black cat disabled clinic support comfort amazing cats helpful animals | cute black cat paralyzed rear legs sitting like a person on top of its back legs in front of a cage housing a dog

Disabled Cat Goes Around Vet Clinic To Comfort Other Sick Animals

Black cat magic at it's finest
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new regulations for emotional support animals

No More Snakes On A Plane: New Rules For Emotional Support Animals

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students emotional theraphy support animals college - 6605573

Meet The Adorable Therapy Animals Providing Emotional Support To College Students

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Zoos gives shy cheetahs dogs for emotional support

Zoos Are Pairing Cheetahs With Dogs For “Emotional Support"

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Somehow the wild-print wasn't helping her mood.

Caturday support caption litter - 8996789248
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I Don't Think That's the Right Kind of Support...

animals needs support caption black cat - 8574006528
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Thanks for the "Help"

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We supported Peebo

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True friends

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