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a story about a dog who saved a Croatian hiker by cuddling her for 13 hours | thumbnail includes text saying 'Dog saves human's life by cuddling her for 13 hours'

Dog Saves Human Stranded In The Mountains

Your feel good story of the day.
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12 text based reddit images about dog heroes saved their owner after seizure | thumbnail golden chunky dog and black lab "While walking his dogs, a 71 year old man had a seizure. One of the dogs immediately sat next to the man protecting him, while the other dog went to find a passerby he could alert and bring to the scene. Together, they saved their owner. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes"

Heroic Doggos Call For Help After Owner Has Seizure During Walk

Doggos band together to save owner
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story about three men rescuing a pregnant cat who was falling off of a building, and winning over $13,000 in Dubai | thumbnail includes one picture of the pregnant cat falling out of the balcony and one of the men who saved her, text blow, 'Dubai: meet the heroes who saved a pregnant cat and impressed Sheikh Mohammed'

Strangers Come Together To Rescue Pregnant Cat Falling Off Of Dubai Building: Later Win Over $13,000

Several strangers in the Emirate of Dubai heroically worked together to save the life of a pregnant cat. People along one of the city streets spotted the cat dangling from a balcony, dangerously close to falling. Three men, who did not know one another prior to the incident, miraculously worked together using a bedsheet to create a soft landing for the cat, who fell shortly after. Together, the men rescued her from injury or death. The men, who were identified by the Khaleej Times as Ashraf, At…
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tweets about The Suicide Squad's David Dastmalchian adopting a stray cat | thumbnail includes a picture of David Dastmalchian hugging a cat in a costume

Polka Dot Man David Dastmalchian Gets Chosen By A Stray Cat (Tweets)

Polka Dot Man gets a polka dot kitty.
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squirrel superhero landing photoshop

Squirrels Sticking A Superhero Landing Gets The Photoshop Battle Treatment

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cute dogs twitter comic con cute funny dogs lol tweets superheroes funny - 6313733

Dogs Go All Out At Comic-Con

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costume pink superheroes kitty - 5624325

When Superheroes Are Dressed With Pink Kitty Costumes

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a video of a guy saving a puppies life

Heroic Man Saves Puppy From Drowning

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superheroes turned to dog in illustrations

When Superheroes Are Transformed Into Cute Dogs

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benedict cumberbatch marvel cute superheroes funny Video - 83320577

The Avengers Assemble In New Doctor Strange Promo, and They're All Definitely Rocking a New Look

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batdog convo

19 Times BatDog's Conversations Just Killed Us

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superheroes Video rescue - 77001729

Heroes Save Blind Dog "Christmas" From a Well

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trivia superheroes Video - 75516417

Melissa Benoist Answers Supergirl Trivia While Trying Not to Get Distracted by Superhero Puppies

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Captain America: Civil Woof

cute dogs superheroes Captain America: Civil Woof
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Very Few Are Worthy

dogs thor superheroes Very Few Are Worthy
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You Can Be MY Hero Anytime!

animals cute superheroes caption Cats - 8567656704
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