I Can Has Cheezburger?


A TikTok video and 13 comments about a cat that demands her human to open and close the fridge because it gives off a nice breeze | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a cat touching a fridge door and a cat looking into a fridge 'Electric bill: *She's using a lot of energy. The energy:'

Floofy Fur Ball Demands Hooman To Open And Close The Refrigerator Because She Likes The Chilly Breeze

She has life all figured out
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charging naps pets sunbathing charge animals cats dogs cute sunlight charge | The perfect spot adorable dog lying on its belly stretched out in a ray of sunlight hitting the floor

Animals Getting A Full Charge Before Monday

Recharge those batteries
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Someone's enjoying the summer sun.

Cute picture of a cat enjoying the garden in the summer sun
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A majestic looking friend

sunlight Cats - 8966149632
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Enjoying the morning sun.

sunlight Cats - 8965657344
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Bailey looking graceful in the sun.

sunlight Cats - 8821932544
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Baxter enjoying the evening sun

sunlight Cats - 8822029568
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Lady Binky, relaxing in the sun

eyes sunlight Cats - 8822275584
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I Can't Get Enough of That Nice Warm Sun!

cute puppies summer sunlight warm - 8203721728
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Go Away Sunlight, I'm Still Sleeping!

puppy sunlight sleeping - 7347021824
By Unknown

Rage Comics: Meow Gusta

cat Cats happy me gusta Memes Rage Comics sun sunlight - 6528033536
By evilruffage

Lolcats: Fix dat, ASAP!

Cats complain lolcats sun sunlight unhappy whine - 6283297792
See all captions By betskand

Cats: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Since Forever

Cats did you know lazy lies sun sunbeams sunlight - 6276878336
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Cat Vampire

Cats comic comics fire sun sunlight vampires - 6256745472
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Reader Squees: Intense Sunbeam

cat face pets reader squees sunlight - 6065746176
By misserni31

Reader Squees: In Among the Leaves

ferret leaves pets reader squees sunlight walk - 6050908928
By misyash.10
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