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Mimes Horatio Caine putting on his sunglasses... I think we've found a shady spot here for some gifs and memes... Sunglasses have become an almost essential fashion accessory for the style-focused. But as long as people turn their faces into something resembling a bug, there will always be jokes to be had.

20 cats with glasses

Sophisticated Silliness In The Form of Cats Wearing Glasses and Showing Off Their Stupendous Spectacles

Sophisticated feline goodness
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pictures and tweets of dogs wearing glasses and sunglasses thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a brown dog wearing glasses 'Dog - Daisy keeping a close eye on the school kids' and another of a dog wearing red sunglasses

Dapper Doggos Wearing Glasses

Pictures of dogs looking adorable in glasses
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cats glasses sunglasses cute nerdy adorable aww animals funny lol cool | funny white cat wearing green sunglasses | cool sphynx hairless cat in knitted ear covers and round sunglasses

Calling All Cool Cats: Cats In Glasses (16 Pics)

Hey, all you cool cats and kittens
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cat with sunglasses

A Rare Eye Condition Turned Bagel Into The Coolest Sunglasses Cat With 400K Instagram Followers

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White fluffy cat watching the birds and sporting some cool sunglasses.

This Cat Bird Watches In Style

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sunglasses summer instagram beach swimming - 803589

9 Dogs That Are so Ready for Summer

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Somebody Went Too Hard on the Catnip Last Night

somebody went too hard on the catnip last night
Via @EmrgencyKittens

Fashion Favors the Bold

cat looks fabulous
Via bitsandpieces

Thrift Shop Cat is Cooler Than You

thrift shop cat is too cool
Via Foibles5318

Ready For Spring Break

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That's One Cool Pup

Via confessionsofahomo.tumblr.com

I'll be Back...for Bacon

terminator sunglasses - 8248960256
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sunglasses gifs - 8213431552
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sunglasses gifs - 8213431296
Via Bits and Pieces

I Should Have Reconsidered Getting Him Those Shades Knowing What a Big CSI Fan He is...

csi cute funny sunglasses - 8153239296
See all captions Created by PolarusTheTrueHighKing

I Guess Those Shades Aren't Enough to Get Into the Cool Club

cool sunglasses seagulls - 8137792512
See all captions Created by JOE-STYLE
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