I Can Has Cheezburger?


Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please don't give me a massive sunburn and make it impossible to sit. That funky ball of gas and fire that keeps us from becoming human popsicles is a hilarious source of entertainment. So sit back, and watch your tan (or sunburn) spread with the Sun's scintillating jokes and puns.

Lolcats: Be Careful...

best of the week Cats Heat hot lazy lolcats melt melting summer sun temperature - 6175389952
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I Hope Tomorrow Never Comes

annoyed Cats leave me alone lolcats sleeping sun tomorrow wake up waking up yesterday - 6310811392
Created by Unknown

Gotta lose these

naked summer sun tan - 6244308480
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embarrass naked nude rude shame sun - 6272097792
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Unless They Mooved

beach confused cow lost sun - 6255586816
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Lolcats: Fix dat, ASAP!

Cats complain lolcats sun sunlight unhappy whine - 6283297792
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Cats: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Since Forever

Cats did you know lazy lies sun sunbeams sunlight - 6276878336
Via Did Yuo Kno?

Cat Vampire

Cats comic comics fire sun sunlight vampires - 6256745472
Via Moonbeard

Reader Squees: Sun Pup

garden pets reader squees sun - 6069024512
Created by Amanda

The universe revolves around me and mah belly.

belly calm earth relax sun sunbeam - 6183604480
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the plant

cat destroy greedy hog jealous kill plant sun sunlight - 6148177152
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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: The Sun on My Skin

Cats cyoot kitteh of teh day hairless kitten nekkid skin sun sunny warm - 6138587136
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This is the spot where

cat patience relax sun time wait - 6132912384
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cat energy Hall of Fame lolcat recharge relax sun - 6112858368
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Reader Squees: Who Disturbeth my Slumber?

bunny nap reader squees sun - 6031405568
Created by wendyzski


bright cat lolcat morning sleep sun tired wake up - 6044066816
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