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Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please don't give me a massive sunburn and make it impossible to sit. That funky ball of gas and fire that keeps us from becoming human popsicles is a hilarious source of entertainment. So sit back, and watch your tan (or sunburn) spread with the Sun's scintillating jokes and puns.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

captions sun beauty bored Cats stupid sunset - 6284360192
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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: Lick Those Jellybeans Clean

beds Cats cleaning cyoot kitteh of teh day kitten licking sun sunbeams toes - 6636528384
Via The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Rage Comics: Meow Gusta

cat Cats happy me gusta Memes Rage Comics sun sunlight - 6528033536
Created by evilruffage

Or is even that small task beyond your meagre capabilities?

adjust bed captions Cats sun - 6492388608
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Some of Us Are Trying to Sleep!

bright cranky hoot Owl sleepy sun turn on who - 6429105152
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captions Cats chair hot summer sun - 6491073024
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harder den it luks

angel captions Cats grass lawn sun - 6439054080
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bright burns day hiss light morning sun - 6335171584
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Lolcats: Be Careful...

best of the week Cats Heat hot lazy lolcats melt melting summer sun temperature - 6175389952
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I Hope Tomorrow Never Comes

annoyed Cats leave me alone lolcats sleeping sun tomorrow wake up waking up yesterday - 6310811392

Gotta lose these

naked summer sun tan - 6244308480
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embarrass naked nude rude shame sun - 6272097792
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Unless They Mooved

beach confused cow lost sun - 6255586816
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Lolcats: Fix dat, ASAP!

Cats complain lolcats sun sunlight unhappy whine - 6283297792
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Cats: Harnessing the Power of the Sun Since Forever

Cats did you know lazy lies sun sunbeams sunlight - 6276878336
Via Did Yuo Kno?

Cat Vampire

Cats comic comics fire sun sunlight vampires - 6256745472
Via Moonbeard