Dark Secrets To Summoning A Cat

By now, it may be common knowledge to us that if you were to draw (or create) a circle, your cat will appear and place itself within that circle for an extended period of time. 

Why? There are a few theories to this, one possible explanation of the phenomenon could be instincts brought on by cats' desire for warmth. When you see a cat sleeping in a circle, they do so to converse body heat. Cats could be drawn to circles because the circle subconsciously makes them think they will be warm inside.

Another explanation is "boundaries." In an article by Deni Kirkova, cats love boundaries, And when they come across a spot demarcated by a circle, they would feel psychologically comfortable being in a space which they can see. 

There's also always the theory of curiosity being thrown in the mix, a cat is nothing but curious. 

What do you think the ancient dark arts behind this phenomenon is? Perhaps it's something deeper that we humans would never understand. 

In the meantime, please scroll below for a lovely demonstration on how to capture your furry friend. And if you're in need of an abundance of cats within circles, look no further

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Legend has it, that if you stare into the fire and whisper his name 5 times... he will appear to you... ...and he will TEAR YOUR TOILET ROLL APART!