I Can Has Cheezburger?


16 photos of tuxedo cats | Thumbnail includes a photo of two tiny tuxedo kittens and a photo of a large tuxedo cat looking with wide eyes

16 Handsome Tuxedo Cats With Sophisticated Stashes And Nice-Looking Bow Ties

Very much sophistication
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Like an Alan

sir suit - 8440771584
Via Alan_thedog
tie list work take your dog to work day suit business - 278533

16 Pups Ready for "Take Your Dog to Work Day"

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You Puddle Splashing Maniacs!

seals suit funny - 8074279936
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Dapper Dog

dapper cute suit - 7720332800
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Life Among the Penguins

costume penguins aquarium impostor suit squee - 6653095680
Via Portland Mercury

The Sequels Got Kind of Weird

skin cage lotion sharks suit - 6930787584
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Lolcats: My suit's

captions cars Cats cleaner clothes naked nekkid outfit shaved suit - 6347196928
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Classic LOLcat

classic classics fat lolrus mustache suit - 6157881856
Created by Unknown

i haz

bible caption captioned cat has I religion suit tie - 5357697536
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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

business late suit - 5763779840
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This means

caption captioned cat costume do not want dressed up suit this tie war - 5653347584
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business caption captioned cat dressed up great Hall of Fame prefix pun suit - 5336775168
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It's a

akita dog eat dog leash mixed breed phrase shiba inu suit walk walking world - 4854408704
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Fuzz Aldrin

astronaut caption captioned cat famous mission preparation preparing pun space suit suit - 4809352192
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Iz a Deep See Explorer!

corgi fish suit - 4652041728
Via corgiaddict.com
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