I Can Has Cheezburger?


Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about a stray cat rescued no undergoing a battery of medical exams to get better | thumbnail includes two pictures of the extent of her injuries and how much she enjoys being cared for by humans

Concerned Citizen Brings A Sweet Injured Cat To Safety, Helping Her Persevere Despite Her Many Medical Issues

Stray cat with face and mouth sores rescued by concerned citizen. Local shelter finds more medial maladies, but donations are flooding in to cover cat care cost.
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spoon saving planet earth sugar bees humanity backyard - 5968133

Host Of "Planet Hearth" Urges Us All To Save Humanity By Leaving a Spoonful Of Sugar In Our Backyard

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He's the Sweetest Thing!

cute sugar sweet - 8229076224
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I Gotta Cut Back on All That Sugar

ants dieting funny sugar - 8196478464
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Sweet Brimstone

sugar funny - 7642910208
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But Mom, I'm Not Tired!

cheetah kids sugar funny - 7644937216
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A Spoonful of Sugar

spoon baby chick sugar - 7504579328
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Tea Time

corgi sugar tea - 6976263936
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An excess of sugary treats

birthday captions sugar sweet Cats - 6870118144
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Cup of Squee

squee squirrel whiskers cup sugar tea baby categoryimage lolcats - 6392067584
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Hop To It

cream order otter sugar tea - 6533940224
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you jerk

diabetes jerk Nyan Cat rude sugar - 6103468544
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Borrowed a cup

best of the week borrow cup cute neighbor sugar - 6249367040
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Call the Fire Department

again beak damn it eating hummingbird stuck sugar - 6134495488
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Hey neighbour can I haz some sugar

neighbor pug pugs smiles smiling sugar - 5681752576
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baby Hall of Fame pocket pun sugar sugar glider tiny - 5465501440
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