I Can Has Cheezburger?


I hate going to the vet.

anything caption captioned cat cover do not want going hate never Sad stupid vet - 5242380032
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That Shouldn't Stop You From Trying

animals Cats chairs fix I Can Has Cheezburger stuck stupid - 5180605696
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Such a Handsome Fella

animals cars i has a hotdog stupid - 5208239872
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How Can You Tell?!

hair historic lols love stupid wtf - 5205544448
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"The Big Bang Theory" Summed Up in Three Panels

lol multipanel nerdy roflrazzi stupid the big bang theory TV - 5233437440

Not comin out

bed blanket do not want leave me alone mixed breed no not happening stupid whatbreed - 4982935552
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Alphabet Droop

alphabet dumb fashion lil wayne rappers roflrazzi stupid - 5204728320
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No! No, of Course Not! It's Fabulous!

actors hair movies roflrazzi stupid - 5204738304
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Looks a Helluva Lot Better Than "The Playboy Club"

abraham lincoln dumb roflrazzi stupid TV wtf - 5150390272
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ur foolishness

chihuahua do not want glare not funny stupid - 5168328960
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I Regret Hiring This Dog as Our Accountant

animals dumb i has a hotdog math stupid - 5176331520
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so smart

but can cant caption captioned cat caveat explain human reading stupid understand - 5159531008
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And What Would You Know About Fashion, Cat?

animals Cats fashion I Can Has Cheezburger impressions shoes stupid - 5163731200
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Breaking News -

Breaking News caption captioned cat flood human lolcat lolwut news stupid - 5128319232
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But There Is No Word Big Enough

animals disappointed expressions eyes i has a hotdog stupid words - 5078824704
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glare mixed breed skeptical stupid what whatbreed - 5043311360
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