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funny stories of pets getting stuck | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten stuck in a connect-four game 'Toy - JoAnna Koons Rescued from a back yard at 2 1/2 weeks old. Head stuck in milk crate at 3 weeks. Senie OD9 150 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 4d' and a dog in a cone stuck at a wall 'Dog - Emily Anne My collie pup had an eye infection and needed a cone. Anytime he hit a wall, he would freeze and wait for rescue. He stuck. D 142 Like Reply · Hide Send Message 4d · Edited'

Moments Of Hooligan Pets Getting Stuck (Plus Funny Pics As Proof)

Sometimes, their shenanigans get them in trouble.
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a video of a giraffe being rescued from a tire | thumbnail includes the giraffe stuck in a tire

Heartwarming Rescue Of Giraffe Stuck In Tire (Video)

Right In The Neck Of Time!
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tweets about cows getting stuck in things | thumbnail includes a picture of a cow stuck behind a pipe and one tweet 'Window - stuck cows only @wagyurach ... Here she is. my least favourite cow on the farm: 1:18 AM - Nov 19, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 1,636 Retweets 340 Quote Tweets 21.7K Likes'

Tweets Of Goofy Cows Getting Stuck: They Are Okay, Just Having A Bad Day

Mistakes have been made.
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Pictures of dogs who are stuck in various places and cannot get out | thumbnail includes two pictures including a dog stuck in a hedge and a closeup of a dog's face

Dogs Who Are Stuck And Don’t Know Why

A dog’s life can be pretty ruff.
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original animation of a cat being stuck in a tree but not needing to be rescued | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat playing a trumpet on a tree while a firefighter is reaching for it

Rescuing Cat From Tree Goes Unexpectedly And Hilariously Wrong (Original Animation)

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story about a horse and a pony who were stuck in mud for18 hours getting rescued thumbnail includes two pictures including firefighters rescuing a pony from a hole in the ground and another of a woman next to a rescued horse

Pony And Horse Stuck In Mud For 18 Hours Get Rescued

Team effort with a happy ending!
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adorable fox gets stuck in a garden net, rescuers come free him without harming him - thumbnail of fox entangled in garden net

Fox Entangled In Garden Net Gets Rescued (Video)

What a calm boi!
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story about a horse who got stuck up to its neck in frozen mud and was rescued and is expected to recover thumbnail includes two pictures including a horse stuck in frozen muddy water and another of a horse lifted up using straps around its bpdy

Horse Rescued From Icy Mud Hole, Recovering Well

almost froze to death but is doing much better now
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story of a cat who was stuck in a tree for three days who was saved through the efforts of an entire town thumbnail includes two pictures including a four-story scaffolding structure with people on it trying to rescue the cat and another picture of the cat who was stuck on the tree with its tongue out

Cat Stuck In A Tree For Three Days Finally Rescued Using A Four-Story Scaffolding Platform

The entire town got together for three days, trying to save a cat stuck in a tree
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kitten rescue stuck animals kindness love heroes youtube video

Tiny Kitten In Crisis Reaches Out His Hand For Help (Video)

We love a good rescue
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bear stuck rescue animals free freedom aww plastic container wildlife hero heroic heroes lake Wisconsin

Bear's Head Stuck In Plastic Container, Wisconsin Family Rescues It

Heroic and really bad*ss
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cats stuck on curtains, funny cats stuck

When Curiosity Got Cats In Trouble Again: 14 Cats Stuck on Window Curtains

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Chunky Rat Stuck in Manhole

Firefighters Got An Unusual Call About a Chunky Rat Who Got Stuck Halfway in a Sewer Manhole

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Man Rescued Baby Kangaroo Stuck In a Grate In The Middle Of The Road

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hero car stuck Cats rescue - 6306565

This Auto Tech Saved Kitten Stuck In Cat Fender And Became a Hero

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reasons to check if your engine light is on

16 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

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