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viral reddit thread about a person taking their cats on a walk in a stroller | thumbnail includes two pictures including a woman with a cat in a stroller and two cats in a stroller 'Rectangle - r/cats u/R_OP_16d. i.redd.it 1 11 1 12 1 Join 2 My SO got a buggy so she can take her blind bengal and his brother outside. We got a lot of hate for it, what do you guys thinks? Cringe or no? Cat Picture'

Person Takes Their Cats On A Ride In A Stroller And Gets A Bunch Of Hate For it, The Internet Comes To Their Defense (Viral Thread)

Apparently, a lot of people do this, and we honestly think it's a great idea lol
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people are making strollers to take their chickens for a walk | thumbnail includes two pictures of chickens in strollers

People Are Making Strollers So They Can Take Their Chickens For A Walk

If we can walk our dogs, why not our chickens
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funny photos of chickens going for  walk in strollers | chicken in a blue cage made into a stroller with a us flag hanging from it. two chickens in a purple pen coop with wheels and decorated with colorful feathers hen birds pet owners funny

People Are Going Out For Walks With Their Pet Chickens In Special Strollers

Chickens In Strollers
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A Japanese man walks his 9 cats in a baby stroller

This Man Walks His 9 Adorable Felines in a Baby Stroller All Around Tokyo

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hong kong pets kids stroller Video - 350471

This New Trend in Honk Kong Has People Treating Their Dogs Like Children

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Sorry, You're Not That Lucky. . . .

the internets stroller caption Cats funny - 8582646528
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Going Out For A Bunday Stroll?

stroller bunny - 7150722560
Via Dailybunny

There's Nothing Crazy About Keeping Your Babies Safe

Cats crazy cat lady stroller - 7929838848

Maybe She Shouldn't Have Given me That Look

Babies Cats dolls stroller - 7919362304

If I Sorta Fits, I Sits

if i fits i sits stroller funny - 7688690432

Haters Gon Hate

stroller - 7149266944

Spoiled Fluffball

chow chow snow walks Fluffy stroller spoiled - 6901486080
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Snd Hlp

baby halp help pretend stroller torture - 6209187584
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They See

awesome happy pug smile smiles smiling stroller - 5276216064
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adorable baby costume dressed up gifs lolwut parent pig piglet pushing stroller - 5200334848

"Let's just face

baby caption captioned cat face fact gone optimism stroller with work - 5082595328
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