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12 images of cats doing yoga, some images with human beside cat | thumbnail left human and cat doing same yoga pose, thumbnail right orange cat doing yoga on flower patterned yoga mat

Yoga Cats Show Off Their Flexibility And Skill

Hello and namaste! Today we've entered our yoga dens to challenge ourselves, physically, mentally, and there might be a sweet surprise. Hint, it involves cats. Yoga beginners often struggle with the difficult movements and level of flexibility required for the specific pose, but cats on the other hand, well they are significantly more flexible than us and natural born yogis! Whether a pawesome owner/cat yoga session is your thing, or you just like to stand on the side and watch your cat perform…
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Morning Mood

gif cute stretching stretch - 9243703040
Via Gfycat
photos weekend body Cats stretching - 6195717

These Cats Are Getting Ready For The Weekend By Stretching Out

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a cute kitten stretching and a list of cute animals stretching

These Animals Love To Stretch (12 photos)

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Carry Me My Human Minion!

cute animal gif of cat stretching and getting picked up
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Feeling Otterly Faboulus

Cute animal GIF of an otter stretching adorably.
By anselmbe

It's Important to Stretch After Being on The Road For a While

gifs cars stretching - 8319325440
By Unknown

Synchronized Cats

gifs synchronized Cats stretching - 8269487872
By Unknown

Stretching is Important

kitten gifs cute Cats stretching - 8240187392
By jyonasan1957 (Via jamuomii)

I Can Bearly Touch My Toes

cute bears cubs stretching - 8241555968
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They Find Peace in Yoga

Cats stretching yoga - 8223911424
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The Stretching Dog Pose...

routine stretching funny yoga - 8060673024
By Unknown

Training For the Annoying You Olympics

stretching - 7778588416
By Unknown

Bunday: Stretching

Bunday tongue rabbit stretching bunny squee - 7004334336
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Reader Squee: Scratch My Belly Bro!

reader squee pets siblings Cats stretching squee - 6799449088
By bethells

Pre-Mailman Stretching

mailman what breed stretching - 6763171584
See all captions By KShawAllkrazee
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