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20 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two images including 'Cat' and 'Cat'

20 Im-paw-sibly Frightening Felines In Honor Of Friday The 13th

We need an adult
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twitter thread about cats liking unexpected foods | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat eating a purple beet and one tweet 'Cat - Rev. Poppy Haze @poppy_haze every cat upon instantiation will spawn with one random non-meat food item it is obsessed with. There is no way to tell what this is until the day the cat will steal something off your plate like its life depended upon it Creature Tik Toks @CreatureTikToks - Dec 30, 2022 0:18 1.4M views 10:18 PM - Dec 30, 2022 J Tik Tok 5.4M'

Twitter Thread: Random Non-Meat Foods That Cats Are Obsessed With And Will Fight You For

They're fierce when it comes to their chosen food.
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25 pictures of cats | Thumbnail includes two pictures including 'Nose - strange cat pictures @strangecatpics. Jan 6 this is not edited :' and 'Art - ਦਿੱਤੀ .' and one comment including 'Font - eclipse.writer The nightmares we are all about to have'

25 Cat Photos And Memes That Will Make You Question Why Opened Up The Internetz This Morning

We can't look away
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30 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their cats along with a description of the strange things they do | Thumbnail includes a picture of a cat with its eyes closed and paws tucked under its belly and a picture of two cats sitting and looking back at the camera 'If we have visitors at home, my cat usually sits between us with her paws crossed because she can't stand someone else being in the spotlight They always like to pose symmetrically. My theory is'

A Hefty List Of Silly Things That Cats And Kittens Do (Twitter Thread)

Never a dull moment with these guys
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funny stories about cats embarrassing humans | thumbnail includes a picture of a black cat with a rainbow on it and one Facebook comment 'I work from home and have at least a day or so a week for about 6 years now. I have a desktop I use that has a power button on the front edge. This wonderful son of mine, Sir Axton McNuggetron, knows how to turn off my computer. I disabled the button but you can't disable the option to hold it down. He still manages to hold it'

Little Kitty Cat Rascals Embarrassing Their Humans At The Worst Moments

ICanHasCheezburger edition.
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aardvark desert ruthf strange cute anteater prehistoric funny animals animals - 16625669

Cute but Strange: Aardvarks are the Wrinkly Prehistoric Babies You Never Knew You Needed

If you ever watched Arthur as a kid, you might have a very skewed idea of what an aardvark is supposed to look like. There are several inaccuracies to his character design, the main one being, well…Arthur doesn't really look anything like an aardvark. But that's okay, because this week is International Aardvark Week, which means it's the perfect chance for us to bring you some fun facts and photos of actual aardvarks! As it turns out, they are kind of wrinkly and strange looking, but they're al…
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stories of cats pets eating weird things | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Organism - Rodgers Rae TRex One of mine LOVED cucumber, avocado, salmon pate and Pringles. But only the sour cream ones. He was hit by a car once and when he was at the vets he wasn't eating, the vet said bring him something he loves. I took in 2 Pringles, he brightened up straight away and was home 2 days later.e OD 5 Like · Reply · Hide Send Message 2d'

Funniest Things Pets Have Ever Eaten (Mostly Cats Being Hooligans)

Not the cactuuuus!!!
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reddit comments about cats and their weird reactions to closed doors thumbnail includes one picture of a cat staring at a closed door 'Cat - 79 45 93 3 49 Posted by u/NuevoJerz 3 days ago Every morning, our cat patiently waits at my sons' bedroom door for them to wake up. And it's not to be fed - he just can't wait to see them. SEAN AVE JAKE BLVD'

Cats And Their Weird Reactions To Closed Doors

Why do they hate closed doors so much?
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collection of Facebook comments about cats' weird hobbies | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying in a funny way in front of the TV and one Facebook comment 'Dog - Megan Marie Loki sploots like a corgi, carries around a plastic wrapped bag of microwave popcorn, balances toys on his face, loves being skritched with the pasta spoon, makes an "Arooooo" noise instead of meows, tips over like a fainting goat and spends his free time in my hallway on his back. He's a little different but a'

When Cats Go Cray Cray: Funny ICanHas Cat Habits

They be cray cray sometimes.
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tweets about weird animals | thumbnail includes two pictures including a blue bee and a baby jacana 'Weird Animals @Weird_Animals'

Uniquely Weird Yet Unexpectedly Wicked Animals (Tweets)

Nature is amazing.
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animal tumblr posts | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - theradioghost I STEPPED OUTSIDE OF THE FRONT DOOR OF MY OWN HOME ONLY TO FIND THE DEER THAT TRIED TO KICK MY ASS LAST YEAR STANDING RIGHT THERE IN MY FRONT YARD. BOLD AS BRASS. AM I NOT SAFE ANYWHERE ANYMORE theradioghost for those of you who were not here last year: this deer is the most obnoxious, unnatural red-orange color I've ever seen, only appears when it's raining, and once chased me a quarter mile through the woods. her n'

Tumblr Animal Posts Of Hilarity And Mild Panic

Tumblr animal goodness.
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tumblr thread about cats' weird obsession with bread | thumbnail includes two blurry pictures of a cat stealing bread 'Font - flrstperson Follow One of my cats was rescued from outside. l'd only ever had a super polite cat who would come up and sniff food and then be like "can i have this?" So when this other cat came up I was like oh you wanna sniff the bread right? Here it is so you can sniff it.'

Tumblr Thread: Cats And Their Weird Bread Addiction

Sometimes, they're just weirdos.
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twitter thread explaining why a user's dog turned green | thumbnail includes one picture of a dog with a green neck and a tweet 'Font - Dr. Stephanie Olson @ExoStepho I was alarmed to discover that my dog turned GREEN overnight. I had no idea why. But it turns out that, as an early Earth geochemist, I was perfectly prepared to find out!'

Twitter Thread: User Explains Why Her Dog Suddenly Turned Green

A surprisingly scientific and interesting explanation.
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video of a cat who loves rolling down the stairs | thumbnail includes two pictures of a cat rolling down the stairs

Chonky Cat Loves Constantly Rolling Down The Stairs (Video)

Adorable weirdo smh
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funny facts about cats | thumbnail includes two tweets 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Cats do recognize the sound of their owners' voice, but they choose to ignore it 12:35 PM - May 21, 2021 - Buffer' and 'Rectangle - UberFacts @UberFacts Most cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn't drink milk 10:32 AM - Mar 27, 2021 - Buffer'

Funny Yet Informative Facts About Cats (Tweets)

Time to learn and laugh.
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Facebook comments about cats' strange behaviors | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat next to a pasta spoon and one Facebook comment 'Wood - Megan Marie My Loki (Maine Coon/ Siberian Forest Cat mix) sploots like a Corgi and cuddles his favorite pasta spoon. He also loves to lounge on his back with a cat toy balanced on his face. I could tell you all about him but but theres not enough space.'

Cats Behaving Like The Weirdos They Are: ICanHasCheezburger Edition

We love these crazies so much.
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