I Can Has Cheezburger?


a story about roommates fighting over cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'Over the last year and a half, I have been the ONLY one to purchase food or litter, and to clean the litterbox. I have also been the ONLY one to pay vet and rx bills for the cat. I don't mind this - fine, cool, I guess I now have a cute cat. My only'

Roommates Get Into Legal Battle Over Pet Cat

Security Cameras Are Installed
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reddit stories about why people abandoned their pets | thumbnail includes a story saying 'A few weeks later he went missing from the farm. I'm convinced he went looking for home. If he ever made it there, we were long gone. He'd never survive without a family. I am so sorry, Riker. I love you.'

People Who Had To Abandon A Pet Explain The Circumstances

Why would anyone abandon an animal?
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a funny twitter thread about identical cats | thumbnail includes text 'Once my mom called home to let me know our gray cat had been hit by a car. Luckily she saw it happen and rushed him to the vet. It was pretty bad, but after hours of operating, they thought he was going to pull through. Hours? That was weird, I thought, since... Long story short, my mom shelled out nearly a thousand dollars in vet bills for some random cat.'

Man Realizes He's Been Played By Four Identical Cats

Dopplegangers Unite.
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a reddit story about a woman who tried to take another woman's pet cat | thumbnail includes text saying 'But my SIL & MIL both said I should have just given them the cat if it meant that much to the child. The cat would be their only cat while he is 1 of my 4 and the cat would be happier with them too and made me feel terrible for causing all the drama. They said kittens are easier to adopt so adult cats should be given to whoever wants them.'

Visitor Demands To Adopt A Cat From Its Existing Home: Reddit Storytime

You've gotta be kitten me...
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