I Can Has Cheezburger?


Amphibian Addict?

note to self licking stop frog - 6773199360
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Hammies Are Friends, NOT Food!

accident acting like animals afraid cheerios Command confused confusion dwarf hamster hamster name order pun shouting spoon stop warning - 4673253376
By Unknown

You're Embarrassing Both of Us

animals post embarrassed stop Cats - 8441193984
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I Want it Closed!

gifs closed stop Cats - 8438206720
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I Keep You Around For Nom Distribution, Not Conversation

talking stop Cats - 8429868032
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Getting a Little Heated in Here

lemurs back away whoa stop - 7067129344
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Sometimes a Bird Likes to Feel Pretty Without Being Objectified!

Staring peacocks offended feathers stop - 7041797888
By Unknown
ninja chicken chase stop Cats Video - 47328257

An Expert Tactical Maneuver as Performed by a Chicken

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face paw no stop Cats Video - 47149057

No Means No

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This is my Stop

gifs cat tree skateboard stop Cats - 6996807168
By Unknown

Probably Best Not to Find Out

nervous tigers rubbing belly stop - 6828406528
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gifs corgi play stop - 6711609088
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Cow. What Are You Doing.

gifs wtf cow what stop - 6890612992
By Unknown

Dog... STAHP

treats popsicle stahp licking stop what breed - 6786298368
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Stop Following Me

gifs wtf follow creepy animated stop Cats - 6877545216
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Stop her, before she knits again.

captions stop Cats knit hat - 6853971968
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