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Rastafarian Cats Get High-as-a-Kite and Learn the Real Meaning of “420” Bliss When Sampling Anti-Anxiety Medication, Making the Internet a Little Jealous

pass the purp
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Cats drugs high I Can Has Cheezburger meow stoned - 5532074752
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I Can Finally Catch the Dot

stoned funny - 7691229952
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Do Dogs Get the Munchies?

munchies stoned what breed - 7132582144
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Chihuahua philosop-high-zing

stoned philosophy chihuahua dude what if - 6803491584
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Animal Capshunz: Not That I Mind

captions goat grass happy high stoned weed - 6511626752
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Dude, Wait, What?

drugs high koala bears koalas marijuana multipanel pot stoned - 6184726784
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best of the week brownies dachshund drugs Hall of Fame high stoned - 5868784384
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My Meth Days Are Over!!

awesome drinking drugs high historic lols marijuana stoned vintage - 5765721600
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Dude, Srsly. Srsly, Dude. Dude.

best caption captioned derp drinking drugs dude faucet high multipanel sinks stoned water - 5774568960
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It's Going to be Using That More Often!

art awesome cooking excited happy high historic lols marijuana mom stoned vintage weed - 5681544704
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Go Gramma!

drugs grandma grandmother high historic lols shopping stoned - 5626939648
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lolololol me neither

i dunno i has a hotdog i have no idea i have no idea what im doing i-have-no-idea-whats-going-on lol lolwut stoned whatever - 5467616256

Hey... Hey, Man

animals feels good Feels Good Man goat high stoned whoa - 5617682432

i ate some

best of the week drugs Hall of Fame happy dog high poodle smiling stoned - 5556953344
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art drugs high historic lols kid mom mother stoned vintage - 5444299520
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