Wholesome: Dad Creates a Stick Library for Dogs at the Park

Andrew Taylor (59) a very talented craftsman from New Zealand, decided to use the dead branches at his back yard to create a "stick library" for his dog Bella and the other dogs who frequent the park where they go. Taylor set the box filled with rounded sticks at the park entrance and politely asked the dog owners to make sure the sticks will be returned to the box like the books in a real library. Andrew's daughter Tayla Reece was the one who proudly posted her father's project online. And we're glad she did – it's an adorable idea and one we hope other people will copy in their own local area.

wholesome old couple makes stick library for dogs at the park and it is just the cutest thing | white dog with brown spots on its head taking a stick from a wooden box in the park, the box is labeled a stick library and there's a request to return the sticks once the dogs are done playing with them
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