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Walk tall, and carry a big stick. Whether for walking or for "talking", it will get the job done. Just don't lean to heavily on these, you don't want to get into the stick of it. Enjoy these woody puns and jokes to keep you content all day.

video of a dog fetching a huge stick thumbnail includes a picture of a dog with a huge stick in its mouth

Pawdorable Doggo Trying To Enter House With Huge Stick (Video)

a tiiiny issue
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dogs doggo stick landlord tweets funny cute aww lol animals | alanna heard light knock on my door and went answer and my landlords' dog bringing stick f fa @alanna DAY 6:23 PM Apr 15, 2020 Twitter iPhone adorable furry dog standing by a door mat

Landlords Dog Brings Resident A Stick (Tweets)

Dreams do come true
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They Better Not Have Lost It

stick dog memes cute doggo funny - 9233470720
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Where Is That Smokey the Bear When You Need Him?

standing stick stoopy cat me fire dinner caption - 8989862912
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Dis Mah Stick

stick puppy - 8983758080
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W...Would You Throw This? Please?

stick german shepherd - 8982535424
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Stick Tricks

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Mah Stick Haz a Delishus Flavr

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Damn You, Human!

animals fetch stick beat swimming caption - 8803849728
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Back In My Day...

stick old back caption hat - 8795217408
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This Dog is Really Good at Math

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The Branch Manager Takes His Job Very Seriously

branch manager takes his job very seriously
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The Best Sticks Are Freshly Picked

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Real friends know how to return a favor

stick car head human caption store window going - 8749330688
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stick trick Video - 76680193

Sweet Trick Bro!

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stick Video - 76076801

Stick Pic

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