I Can Has Cheezburger?


All You Can See is His Teeth

stealth wolf - 8280358656
By kenbaker

Nobody's Here but Us Teddy Bears

Cats cute camouflage teddy bear stealth - 8080789760
By Unknown

Stealthy Cat is a Little Too Stealthy

Cats lost funny Sad signs stealth - 8015803392
By Unknown

Stealth Weasel

stealth weasel funny - 7753706496
See all captions By kyoto_kid

I Can Bearly See Him

stealth teddy bear funny - 7601150464
By Unknown

They hear me coming!

crunchy stealth autumn captions leaves Cats fall - 6751264768
See all captions By Philippa2

Stealth level: expert

stealth sneak camouflage rug fur black Cats captions - 6704989696
See all captions By Unknown

Dis cud werk, rite?

camouflage stealth Cats captions hunt - 6673082112
See all captions By jennybookseller
clever climbing DIY drawers kitchen stealth Video - 39875329

Animal Videos: No Hoomin in the Kitchen? NO PROBLEM!

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Stealth Level: Over 9000

fox ninja stealth white - 6158376448
See all captions By vampwolfk17

Fall Back, I Repeat, Fall Back!

avian bird cat device FAIL sneaky stealth - 5794472704
By Sylviag


baby eyes fox invisible irresistible kit stare Staring stealth - 5597882112
By Unknown

Ninja Kitteh - uses Stealth

caption captioned cat curtain hiding ninja stealth use - 5379346176
By TinyPanther

be vry vry qwiet

mastiff quiet stealth water - 4921831936
See all captions By Chris10a


acting like animals ninja nom ostrich Predator prey stalking stealth vegetable waiting - 4778653696
By Unknown


acting like animals cat FAIL mirror reflection stealth tabby - 4708320768
By Unknown
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