I Can Has Cheezburger?


23 pictures and memes of cats stealing things | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange cat with a feather duster in its mouth trying to leave through the cat hole but not succeeding because the duster doesn't fit and a picture of a cat's hand trying to steal pizza 'My cat keeps trying to steal the feather duster, luckily he never gets very far...'

Caught In The Act: 23 Feline Criminals Think They're So Slick While Stealing

One thing's for sure: cats are criminals
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20 pictures of cats stealing food off the table and from their owners | Thumbnail includes a picture of a tabby cat holding a pizza with its hands and eating it and a picture of a white and orange cat trying to get to a plate full of red sauce

Criminal Cats Caught In Action As They Sneakily Steal Food From Their Owners

Sneaky sneaky
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16 screenshots of a Reddit thread where someone tells how they blamed their kids for stealing money from their purse and it turned out to be their cat | Thumbnail includes a photo of a light orange cat with a $100 bill in its mouth sitting on a kitchen counter 'Blamed the kids for taking money out of my purse only to find that we have a cat burglar.'

Kids Get Blamed For Stealing Cash, The Actual Criminal (Cat) Gets Caught Red-Pawed

Crime levels are rising
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collection of funny posts and pictures of cats stealing human foods | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a cone with food inside it 'Hair - ghost mom @radtoria Replying to @radtoria My cat learned he could scoop up food with his cone and stole my' and a cat reaching for cookies that are on a table 'Furniture - space baby @_sophocles_ merry Christmas here's my cat getting busted for taking a cinnamon roll 2 seconds after we told him no 5:47 PM Dec 25, 2016 from Ardmore, PA'

Criminal Cat Collection: Felonious Felines Stealing Food Right From Under Our Noses

Some cat-astrophic crimes smh.
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A TikTok video and 12 comments about a cat that knocked off his automatic feeder and broke it | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a broken automatic feeder on the floor and a screenshot of a cat sitting on a sofa looking into the camera 'I found the feeder knocked off of his table and open on the floor Hmm.. I wonder who could have done this!?'

Milo The Criminal Knocks Down Automatic Feeder, Breaks Him In 2, And Regrets Nothing

And he'll do it again if he has to
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A TikTok video and 12 funny comments about a cat that stole his dog brothers' bed | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a cat laying on a dog bed and a screenshot of a corgi kissing a cat 'Scout: I shall attack the intruder with kisses!'

Criminal Cat Steals Doggo's Bed And Feels 0 Remorse, Doggo Attacks Cat With Kisses

illegal cat-tivities
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video of wild cockatoos biting kangaroos' tails and stealing their food | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo biting the tail of a kangaroo

Australian Jerk Cockatoos Biting Kangaroos' Tails And Stealing Their Food (Video)

Jerks smh.
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tumblr thread about a tegu stealing blueberries | thumbnail includes two pictures including a tegu eating blueberries 'kaijutegu Follow I got distracted putting away groceries and SOMEBODY took advantage.' and a tegu in a basket 'She put herself in prison and then passed out'

Tumblr Thread: Delinquent Tegu Steals Some Blueberries

An expected hooligan.
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video of a white fox cub who stole some raspberries | thumbnail includes two pictures of a white fox cub with a mouthful of raspberries

Itty Bitty Sneaky Fox Cub Steals Some Raspberries (Video)

The cutest thief ever <3
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video of a cat stealing things from the neighbors | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat carrying a sock and a cat bringing a gift

Delinquent Cat Keeps Stealing Things From Neighbors (Video)

They're little gifts! Stolen... gifts...
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video of a cat stealing a dog's food and getting caught by the dog | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat eating and a dog removing a cat from its food

Delinquent Cat Trying To Steal Dog's Food Gets Caught (Video)

Shenanigans of a jerk cat gone wrong.
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cats trying to steal food - thumbnail of a cat looking at food "my cat when i eat anything that has carbs (hes cross eyed so it makes him look incredibly focused on the food)"

Cats Mischievously Trying To Steal Food (Twitter Thread)

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video of a large dog giving a tiny kitten its huge bed thumbnail includes a

Polite Dog Gives His Huge Bed To Tiny Kitten (Video)

steals the bed but with permission
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pictures of cats stealing dogs' beds thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two dogs lying on the floor with one cat sitting on their huge bed and another of an offended looking dog looking at the camera because a cat is sleeping on its bed

Cats Shamelessly Stealing Dogs' Beds

bestest boys + loveable jerks
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pictures of cats caught stealing humans' food thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat peeking over a table trying to grab someone's sandwich and another of a cat's paw grabbing someone's cookie

Cat Thieves Stealing Food Caught Red Handed

The paw sneakily patting the table is all you can see...
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cat stealing laundry funny lol cats animals aww cute facebook post viral clothes | adorable cat sleeping between folded towels | stolen clothes spread on display socks and underwear

"Robin Hood" Cat Steals Crazy Amounts Of Neighbors Laundry

Meet Admiral Galacticat
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