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15 images of cat statues | thumbnail left cat statue cat sitting next to it, thumbnail right asian style cat statue with buildings background

15 Pawesome Cat Statues From Around The World

Artsy fartsy cat statues
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twitter thread about animal statues being shiny because people pet them so much | thumbnail includes a picture of a dog statue and one tweet 'Smile - Sam ... @korvys Oh, nothing. Just thinking about this carving of a dog, glowing gold from unknown thousands of pats from loving hands, over four and half centuries.'

Twitter Thread: Animal Statues Glowing Gold From Being Petted For Centuries

Loved even after passing <3
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Bronze Metal Tributes To Heroic Animals | Monument to laboratory mice, Novosibirsk, Russia statue of a mouse wearing glasses and a robe | Statue of Hachiko and Hidesaburo Ueno, Tokyo, Japan dog standing up to greet a man

Bronze Metal Tributes To Special Animals Who Deserve To Be Remembered

Bronze Metal Tributes To Animals
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Norway statues moose - 7643397

Norway Builds The World’s Biggest Moose Statue Hoping To Reduce The Number Of Moose Hit By Cars

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fun statues play animals - 6995973

People Having Fun Playing With Statues Of Animals

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Cats and Statues

16 Cats Who Fell In Love With Local Statues

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The Cuddliest Ones Too

statues Cats - 8504260352
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Is It A Shrine Or A Grave Yard?

statues creepy Cats - 8504152064
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Of All the Places, Bird!

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Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day: I Don't See the Resemblance

Cats cyoot kitteh of teh day kitten resemblance statues - 6581002496
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Lolcats: Laps are fur the taking

buddha Cats Hall of Fame lap lolcats meditate nirvana peace sit statues wisdom zen - 6243507200
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How I See Myself vs. How Others See Me

multipanel statues - 5817236736
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Dude, We All Are

drugs high pun statue statues - 5680553472
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caption captioned cat evolution maneki neko statue statues - 5558270720
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The World's Most Perfect Umbrella

best of the week cover Hall of Fame huddled marilyn monroe rain statues - 5270972672
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Are You Sure? Look Like Danglers to Me...

lol statues wasps wtf - 5245122048
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