I Can Has Cheezburger?

Star Trek

Mutual Attraction

gifs Spock Star Trek Cats - 8561608960
By Philippa2

Data Tries to Understand Cats

cat Star Trek funny - 7462068736
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Begin Evasive Maneuvers

captions Star Trek Cats funny - 8510680064
By Chris10a

"Dammit Jim, I'm a Corgi, not a Doctor!"

bones Star Trek funny - 7605605376
See all captions By Unknown

Where's Spawk?

Star Trek Cats - 8440151552
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What Would Spawk Do?

turtles kitten Star Trek Cats - 8428494336
By beernbiccies

Listen To The Ensign, He's Set His Claws Past Stun

Cats Star Trek - 8350177280
See all captions By mamawalker

Next Week: How Leopards Get Their Spocks

puns Star Trek leopards - 8297801472
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Logical Cat

puns Star Trek Cats - 8119680512
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C'mon Bones, Don't Fight It

Star Trek Cats - 7790406144
By Unknown
howling Star Trek Video - 53551873

This Dog Is a Trekkie

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Where's a Scottie When You Need One?

scottie Star Trek funny - 7476215040
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To Go Where no Goggie Has Gone Before

costume goggie Star Trek - 7165548288
Via Geekologie

Grumpy Sulu is Here to Help

gifs tardar sauce Star Trek Grumpy Cat - 6937737728
By Unknown

Teh trubble wif tribblez

hairy Fluffy Star Trek what breed - 6771996160
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We like to think of them as built-in Star Trek insignia.

captions sci fi Star Trek Cats reference - 6672477184
See all captions By Philippa2
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