Cat Stopped Toddler From Dangerous Plummeting Staircase (Video)

We hear about dogs saving people's lives all the time, but what about cats? Can cats be 'heroic'? With this video uploaded to Facebook, the answer to that question is a definite yes. 

DLore Álvarez, from Bogota, Colombia, shared an incredible video on Facebook, of her cat rescuing her son. The cat named Gatubela stopping her little boy, Samuel, from heading towards dangerous staircase.

Samuel, one-years-old, was crawling towards the staircase, as seen in the security footage uploaded to Facebook, when Gatubela quickly jumps into action. Gatubela inserts itself between the toddler and the dangerously steep fall of approximately 12 steps. 

We are in complete awe and now know that yes, cat's can definitely be defined as "heroes."

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