I Can Has Cheezburger?


A YouTube video of a mom cat holding her kitten tightly and grooming him | Thumbnail includes an orange cat holding on to her grey kitten

Mommy Cat Loves Her Kitten So Much She Squeezes, Squishes, And Smothers Him With Affection

Best momma in the world
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cute pictures of dogs with their cheeks being squished | thumbnail two images of dogs with squished cheeks

Doggos With The Squishiest Cheeks In The World

It's impossible not to squish these cheeks
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You can't keep a good cat down.

down good lolcats newfoundland on sitting squish - 3018368256
See all captions Created by zaywop

I Want to Let You Out but I Love the Squish!

Cats crate escape kitten squish - 7960622592
Created by Unknown

The Most Comfortable Place in the House

Cats cute friends snuggle squish - 7924385792
Created by Unknown

A Cereal Squisher

kitten squish Cats cereal - 7884578560
Created by Unknown

The Neighbor's Dog Came Over for a Visit

balance squish Cats - 7858051584
Created by Unknown

Looks Comfy to Me!

box squish Cats funny - 7807544320
See all captions Created by Unknown

Zombies Don't Stand a Chance Against Mr. Fatty!!!

zombie squish funny - 7667841536
See all captions Created by echeg5

And you can't call him George.

George mine captions squish Cats - 6674676224
See all captions Created by two_kittehs

I Has A Hotdog: Doggie Visual Dictionary

bulldog captions couch deflated dictionary sofa squish wrinkles - 6530887936
See all captions Created by DocJ ( Via Pickle and Harvey )

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Back Rub

back rub cyoot puppy ob teh day puppy squish what breed - 6403279616
Via Bunny Food

Classic LOLcat

classic classics face nose persian poke push squish - 6250517504
Created by Unknown

I Has A Hotdog: Grabity Field

best of the week Gravity Hall of Fame pug pugs squish strong upside down wrinkles - 6177747456
See all captions Created by gingers_united


beware of dog cute irony mixed breed squish terrier - 3828222208
See all captions Created by Unknown


border collie fire hydrant Hall of Fame mixed breed scared spider squish - 3351666944
See all captions Created by mlundercuffler
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