I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a man giving lions a tick treatment | thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a spray bottle and rubbing up against a lion

Tick Treatment For Lions: Aiming A Spray Bottle At Big Cats (Video)

Spraying big cats does not sound like the safest idea lol
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spray confused Cats Video - 334599

Adorable Kitty Is Completely Mystified by a Humidifier

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The New Guy at the Owl Sanctuary Has no Clue What He's Supposed to Be Doing

wet spray Owl funny - 7723987968
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Four Eber Alone

skunks spray funny - 7642557696
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Not Funny

spray Owl grumpy funny - 7574833408
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Must... Not... Kill...

spray bird funny - 7566608896
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Animal Capshunz: Go Ahead. It Works With Other Cats

furniture ripped spray tiger torn try it water - 6559094784
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caption captioned cat do not want dont it kitten say spray whoa - 5153158400
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two bad kittehs

also bottle caption captioned cat confused kitten question spray tabby too - 4683985920
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again bottle caption captioned cat enemy meet meeting reunion spray spray bottle Staring villain - 4329404672
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