I Can Has Cheezburger?


tiny white kitten perfectly camouflaged in giant white christmas tree - thumbnail of giant white christmas tree and a kitten hidden within it "can you spot me?"

Adorable Kitten Purrfectly Camouflaged In Beautiful Christmas Tree

Can you spot the kitten?
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Reader Squees: Bright-Eyed Kitty

cat pets reader squees spot warm - 6147716608
Created by Anna F.

That's the Spot

scratching polar bear cute spot - 7562226176
Via Tastefully Offensive

There's eben this cushy soft stuff on it called carpet, see?

chair floor captions seat Cats spot - 6272993024
See all captions Created by AngelAndz

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Droopy

puppy cyoot puppy ob teh day boxer droopy white spot - 6699663104
Via Jens Aarstein Holm

Dat Spot

scratch gifs pet scritch spot Feels Good Man - 6659237632
Created by Unknown

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Spots

boxer cyoot puppy ob teh day puppy spot - 6611015936
Via A Place To Love Dogs


captions Cats paint point spot - 6577862912
See all captions Created by Stinkyray

Animal Gifs: Bait and Switch

ball clever smart spot - 6526744064
Created by Unknown

that'll teach you

captions Cats destroy knock over plant revenge sit spot - 6427994368
See all captions Created by Chris10a

Bunday: Spot

bunny ears happy bunday rabbit spot - 4311355136
Created by tiastia

Big Heart

cat fur Hall of Fame heart kitten spot - 6260406528
Created by jlandis ( Via It's Painfully Cute )

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Kan I Come 2?

cyoot puppy ob teh day jack russell terrier puppy spot - 6324817920
Created by Unknown

Yup, This Spot is Perfect

comfortable deer kids nap perfect school spot - 6219418880
See all captions Created by worksucks

OK, Now I'll Scratch Your Itches

feels good scratching shark spot teeth - 6086953472
See all captions Created by TheRealSilverhair


hate human lolcat mine move spot take - 6126878208
Created by Unknown
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