I Can Has Cheezburger?


There is no spoon. No really there is no spoon go get one from the drawer. Spoons can cause quite the stir, especially if you have 5 to choose from at the table. Though if a partner asks you if you want to spoon, just be honest and tell them you're more about the fork.

spoon saving planet earth sugar bees humanity backyard - 5968133

Host Of "Planet Hearth" Urges Us All To Save Humanity By Leaving a Spoonful Of Sugar In Our Backyard

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spoon playful Cats Video - 1837061

Sargon the Cat Loves Spoons More Than Anything Else in the World

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spoon yogurt Cats Video - 367623

Super Smart Kitty Thinks She's a Person, Proceeds to Eat Yogurt Like One

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Baby Fox Eats From a Spoon

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spoon corgi Video - 50002433

Corgi vs Spoon

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Hammies Are Friends, NOT Food!

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When There's Nobody Else to Snuggle...

Cats cute snuggle spoon - 7965800192
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He's the Most Comfortable Place in the House

Cats snuggle funny spoon - 7924359680
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Dog Won the Fight and the Lobster was Delicious...WIn-Win!

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Puppy Getting Spoon Fed

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A Spoonful of Sugar

spoon baby chick sugar - 7504579328
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If You Insist!

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I no wanna

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Even the King

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so iz ai

asking caption captioned cat no not pregnant question spoon test yes - 4212368384
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