I Can Has Cheezburger?


wholesome spooky-cat cat crazy cat lady adorable cat mom halloween Fluffy floofy kitten cute skeleton-decoration lol lap cat viral kitty - 1690375

Lap Cat Thinks Skeleton Decoration Is a Real Person and Adorably Curls up on It’s Lap Awaiting Pets, Goes Viral

A perfect representation of when a cat chooses you as a perch and now you can't move until they do.
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wholesome halloween decorations spooky-cat crazy cat lady halloween viral video tuxedo cat kitten silly-kitty cute lol lmao Cats cat lover - 1673991

Cuddly Cat Goes Viral After Getting Stuck in a Hug From a Halloween Ghoul Decoration and Accepting His Fate

"He's like, 'you know what? Not so bad.'”
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