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collection of spooky cat photos and tweets | thumbnail includes two photos of cats being spooky and the text 'send me pictures of your cats being spooky'

Smol And Spooky Cats Embracing The Halloween Spirit

Trick or cat treat!
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video of elephants squishing pumpkins | thumbnail left elephant with face in squished pumpkin, thumbnail right elephant stomping on pumpkin with foot

Herd Of Elephants Squashing Pumpkins In True Halloween Style (Video)

Pumpkin go shmoosh
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a video of otters reacting to an earthquake | thumbnail includes a picture of an otter on its hind legs

Otters' Confused And Spooked Reactions To An Earthquake (Video)

A big spook for some confused cuties.
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a list about scary but interesting Shoebill birds | thumbnail is a photo of a shoebird bird from the twitter account 'shoebirds every hour'

Learn More About The Shoebill: Arguably The Scariest Bird

We're officially in spooky season, and we've covered a few different kinds of cute, cuddly, and funny animals. Everything under the sun, from adorable tiny bats to puppers with pumpkins , to animals in super cool Halloween costumes . But sometimes we also enjoy covering the creepy cute, and the weird, such as sphynx cats that look like angry old men , or doggos sitting in weird creepy poses. In this case, we have an animal to share today that is well… a little bit scary. According to Ranker , “…
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list of dog halloween costume ideas | thumbnail includes two photos of dogs in Halloween costumes, one of a dog in a mop bucket and another dressed as a martini

Sensational Halloween Costumes For Doggos That Love Spooky Season

Spooky season is here!
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twitter thread about crows scaring a person by saying 'hello' | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cherie Priest @cmpriest ... Went to clean/fill the bird baths and heard someone say, "Hello? HELLO?" I thought I was losing my mind - but it turns out that the crows who frequent the patio baths have spent enough time around humans that they have picked up both basic greetings and passive aggression. 6:54 PM Jun 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,170 Retweets 103 Quote Tweets 11.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Crows Learn To Say 'Hello' And Spook Twitter User

Did you know crows can talk? She didn't.
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tumblr thread about an affectionate goat with pool noodles on its horns chasing and spooking a horse | thumbnail includes a picture of a goat with pool noodles on its horns and one tumblr post 'Font - It turns out that when someone puts pool noodles on a goat's horns, the goat doesn't really care. They're very light, after all, and she can't see them. You know who cares? Who cares a LOT? the HORSE. Hero took one look at Nutmeg wearing pool noodles and ran away. You know who doesn't want to be l'

Tumblr Thread: Affectionate Goat With Pool Noodles On Its Horns Chases Horse

Livestock drama.
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pictures of cheezburger facebook user's pets wearing their halloween costumes thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a dog wearing a dinosaur costume and a cat wearing a vampire costume

Cheezburger Facebook Users Show Off Their Pets' Awesome Halloween Costumes

Halloween pet costumes starring... YOUR PETS!!!
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halloween animal-related comics by ben hed - thumbnail of comic strip of pixie and brutus "i will destroy anything that poses a threat to this innocent child"

Pet Foolery's Halloween Animal Comic Collection

Anyone up for some Pixie & Brutus
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spooky and adorable cat snaps - thumbnail of tiny black kitten "I am evil, I am the night, FEAR ME!"

Spookactular Cat Snaps (26 Cat Snapchats)

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tumblr pictures of cats hanging out in graveyards for a Halloween spooktober special thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting on a gremlin shaped grave and another cat hanging out between tombstones

Spooktober Special: Cats Hanging Out In Graveyards

It feels like these cats know something...
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incredible halloween-inspired spooky castle built from cardboard for cats - thumbnail of giant cardboard castle finished and cat sitting front on it

Cats Get Ultimate Spooky Castle For Halloween (Video)

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pictures of dogs wearing Cerberus costumes thumbnail includes two pictures of dogs wearing Cerberus costumes three headed dog

Spooktober Special: Adorable Cerberus Dog Costumes

Don't worry, they're not actually scary, but don't tell them that
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pictures of black cats - thumbnail of tiny black kitten in a sweater "is this too spooky"

Spooktober Special: Black Cat Magic

Little house panthers everywhere
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pictures of dogs with sheets over their heads looking like ghosts thumbnail includes two pictures including a happy dog covered with a sheet looking up at the camera and another of a dog and a human both covered with sheets in the ocean

Adorably Spooky Ghost Doggos

oooOOooh terrifying ghost puppies
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gorgeous and detailed pies featuring animals and monsters - thumbnail includes two images one of a ghostbusters pie and one of a kraken pie

Spooky Halloween-Inspired Pies Featuring Animals And Monsters

Amazing artwork
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