Vets Treat What They Think Is An Exotic Bird, Turns Out To Be A Seagull Covered In Curry

An orange and exotic looking bird was stuck on the side of the road and unable to fly when some kindhearted Samaritans picked it him up and took him to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

The Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital (that's a fun name to say out loud), believed the bird was of an exotic breed and were completely shocked to discover the truth! Written in their Facebook post, "We had no idea what to expect — and would never have guessed this!" the hospital wrote. The bird, as it turned out, was covered "in curry or turmeric." And unable to fly as a result of being covered in the spices!

Aside from the bird smelling a bit "pungent" and a slight traumatic bath experience, the seagull they have named Vinny, is otherwise healthy and will be released soon. 

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