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twitter thread about crows scaring a person by saying 'hello' | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Cherie Priest @cmpriest ... Went to clean/fill the bird baths and heard someone say, "Hello? HELLO?" I thought I was losing my mind - but it turns out that the crows who frequent the patio baths have spent enough time around humans that they have picked up both basic greetings and passive aggression. 6:54 PM Jun 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 1,170 Retweets 103 Quote Tweets 11.6K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Crows Learn To Say 'Hello' And Spook Twitter User

Did you know crows can talk? She didn't.
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pusheen cat language video youtube animated cute cats funny lol animals

Learn To Speak Cat With Pusheen (Video)

Cat language can save your life.
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I speek

chinese crested funny face speak tongue - 4965719552
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cat english doesnt speak why - 8976892160
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Now I'm stuck with this bossy little puff of fur.

basement cat fur bossy kitten speak caption - 8806885888
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Respect Your Elders

animals say speak caption - 8803152384
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cute hugs speak obey - 56220929

What a Loving Fluffy Pup!

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He knows!!!!!

talk captions language meow speak Cats - 6845025024
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In old country, we didn't speak English.

captions Cats english russia speak categoryimage - 6635923968
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cat Cats cats are weird no pet scratch speak talk Video - 34640897

Animal Videos: Talk Kitty to Me, Baby!

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Actions speak

caption captioned cat gross heart litter box poop shape speak words - 5505072896
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Speak unto me your will, Oh Mighty Curtain Stringy Thing.

caption captioned cat curtain kitten listening praying speak string thing - 5029141248
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I hate it when

america caption captioned cat come complaining complaint disappointed dont hate learn lol lolspeak speak upset - 4890141696
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computer desk lolspeak schnauzer speak speech talking - 2169393408
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