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This Corgi Is Flippin' Excited About the Snow

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Just a Bunch of Happy East Coast Dogs Playing in the Snow

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This Chill Dog Knows How to Snow Day, So What's Your Excuse?

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Baby Squirrel Plays in Snow for the First Time

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There's a Blizzard on the East Coast and These Adorable Animals Are Just Enjoying the Snow

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Japan's Snow Festival Features Some Incredible Snowy Sculptures

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We Already Thought Otters Were the Cutest, but Then We Found Out They Love to Do This

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Snow Blep

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Who Needs a Tube When You Have a Perfectly Good Belly?

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Just a Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel Having a Snack

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Pomeranians Bail on Their Sleigh Ride to Play in the Snow

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Dude With a Selfie Stick Takes His Dog on a Delightful Ride Through the Snow

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Watch These Adorable Goats Getting Used to the Idea of Snow

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Pets in Portland Are Enjoying a Super Rare Winter Wonderland

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Being a Corgi Is Hard, Especially When the Snow Is Taller Than Your Legs

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Dog Has the Best Time Running Around in Some Massive Snow

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