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Interspecies Love: Making New Friends.

cub fawn fox friends Interspecies Love sniff - 6491790848
Created by Fauxpaws

Attentive Bun

bunny gifs listen nose rabbit smell sniff - 6472305664
Via Head Like An Orange

Whatchoo Doin?

Cats friend gifs nose rabbit smell sniff - 6475162112

I Has A Hotdog: Dog Flower

best of the week captions costume dressed up Flower flowers Hall of Fame lick sniff what breed - 6317905152
See all captions Created by Judster9

Animal Gifs: Sniff.

bunnies bunny cute gifs nose noses rabbit sniff squee - 6335138304

Daily Squee: Interspecies Love - Up Close and Personal

fox foxes friends Interspecies Love KISS kissing sniff - 4332025088

Bunday: Afternoon Cup of Bun

bunnies cup Hall of Fame happy bunday nose sniff - 6311691520

Tiny Sniffs

floor mouse sniff - 6156131072
Created by Ringquelle

Squee Spree: Sniffy Kisses

ears fennec fox KISS noses sniff squee spree - 6078769408

Daily Squee: Interspecies Love: Who are You?

cat Interspecies Love Owl sniff who - 5953711616
Via Catasters

Let's Be Honest, This Is More Entertaining Than Justin Bieber's Twitter Feed

blink hop run silly sniff squirrels tweets twitter - 5915876864
Via @Common_Squirrel

Reader Squees: Does she think it's a cat?

bed blankets bunny cat friends reader squees sniff - 5869026560
Created by Werewolf_Karia


adorable best of the week Hall of Fame learn ouch puppy smell smelling sniff whatbreed - 5830539776
See all captions Created by DyannLynn

i shall call you...

bird friends interspecies friendship love smell sniff whatbreed - 5749755136
See all captions Created by faithenfire

That which has

Black Lab in your face labrador retriever nose smell sniff - 5689220352
See all captions Created by ron_hyde

Yarr... I just be wantin' to sniff yer booty...

booty boxer Pirate sniff sniffing - 5480819712
See all captions Created by GigaGuess