I Can Has Cheezburger?


They've Spotted Us

down sneaking squirrel chipmunk periscope - 6732679424
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Goggie Gif: Lil Sneaker

corgi Fluffy gifs puppy sneaking - 6596688896
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Don't Wanna Signal my Lunches...

anteater ants eating hearing lunch quiet sneaking - 6552749568
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Scouting Party

cat chipmunk sneaking tube - 6475173632
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That's Why He's the Best

cartoons sneaking squirrel - 6456764416
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adorable attack countdown FAIL kitten sneaking Video - 39877633

Animal Videos: Kitten Attack!

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It's ok

caption captioned cat crime ever evidence idgi lolwut no nobody Okay paranoid saw sneaking snow will - 5369112320
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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to bed...

caption captioned cat corner frame jaws ominous peeking sneaking theme - 4941124096
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intruder alert.. intruder alert..

alarm cat corgi difficult explanation FAIL reason sneaking system why - 4707501312
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best of the week caption captioned cat Hall of Fame ninja noun shh shush sneaking - 3671652352
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doing it right grass prowling puppy small sneaking stalking stealth weimaraner - 4444407552
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creeping cyoot puppeh ob teh day eyes husky intense leaves puppy sneaking Staring walking - 4395136256
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excited happy puppy sneaking tip walking weimaraner - 4344375552
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...stealthy...like a silent shadow...like a passing cloud...like...

box caption captioned cat FAIL Hall of Fame ignorant mouse prey see sneaking stalking stuffed animal - 4345565696
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awesome climbing escape german shepherd open sneaking Video win window - 13102849


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attempt attempting FAIL failing pit bull pit bulls pitbull pitbulls sneak sneaking - 4285967872
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