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viral imgur thread about an animal that has 20,000 teeth | thumbnail includes a picture of a creepy-looking snail with teeth

The Animal With 20,000 Teeth: Informative Yet Funny Viral Thread

Laugh and learn.
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17 images and video of sea snails | thumbnail left sea snail, thumbnail right also sea snail

Oogly Boogly Googly Eyed Sea Snails

Meet Gary From Spongebob's Cousins
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Interesting Thought

tweet by sarcasmmother if snails are so slow how come nobody see them coming? it's always like bam there's a snail
Via The humor train
miniature world for pet snails | public bathroom cubicles toilets toilet paper and graffiti all sized down for snails

Two Artists Create a Parallel Miniature World For Their Pet Snails

Miniature World For Pet Snails
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two snails eating a piece of cucumber

Top 10 Sweet Snail GIFs

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world artists art miniature snail - 6595845

Two Artists Create Miniature World Where Snails Are The Main Actors

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giant snail that looks like a bunny and memes about it

Meet Your New Nightmare: a Giant Snail That Scarily Resembles a Rabbit

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cat pooping looks like a snail and gets a special treatment from the internet

Pooping Cat Looks Like a Snail and the Internet Loves it

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snails clinic veterinarian shell broken snail - 1551365

Woman Accidentally Steps on a Snail, but Instead of Walking Away, She Takes It to the Vet

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Snail and Dog - Funny Pictures

Dog asks the snail what are you.
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wtf list ocean eyes cute snail - 1342981

Conch Snails Have Eyes and They May Be the Weirdest Cute Thing You See All Day

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snail Video - 82728449

Snail Slides Across the Nose of a Very Patient Dog

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So Tiny!

tiny snail - 8596092416
Via imgur.com

Snails Need Treats Every Once In a While Too

cute snail gifs Snails Need Treats Every Once In a While Too
Via GoldenRedditUser

Slow Pokes

slow turtle snail - 7349575936
Created by sixonefive72

Someone's A Little Slug-ish

cute snail - 8376855552
Via mbrailer
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