I Can Has Cheezburger?


Something's Wrong With My Noms

bunny food goats hay noms sharing snack - 4258909184
By sixonefive72

First contact with life's realities.

captions Cats cookies food nom snack - 6589116928
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My bed haz a crunchee

bed bowl captions Cats crunchy Movie Popcorn snack - 6486695168
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Mmm. Grapes.

bearded dragon eat gifs lizard nom snack tongue - 6580443136
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Ratty Bath Time

bath pet rat reader squee snack towel wet - 6560201728
By Qtip

I Has A Hotdog: Goggie Gif: BANNANERZ

banana fruit gifs nom nom pug snack - 6580851456
By Unknown

Reader Squee: Gandalf the Not-So-Gray

cage floofy gandalf pet rat reader squee snack - 6569202432
By ReDragon

Lolcats: Before u eetz dem awl

captions Cats sharing snack thank you - 6563176192
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Would You Like a Cookie?

cookies deer gift noms snack - 6375528448
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Grabbing a Snack

bird bird feeder mistake snack squirrel - 4350351104
By sixonefive72

Daily Squee: Yummy Veggies!

Cute and creepy sloth eating some yummy vegetables.
By GalderGollum

Reader Squee: Popcorn!

bird cockatiel nom pet Popcorn reader squee snack - 6522854144
By Morgan

Reader Squee: Chubby Piggy

blanket chubby guinea pig pet reader squee snack - 6516198400
By sophdiv

Reader Squee: Pizza

hamster noms pet pizza reader squee snack - 4135510528
By Unknown

Sharing is Caring

carrot nom prarie dogs snack - 6416861696
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Please Be a Snack!

bug captions Cats evil floor snack thing what is it - 6487912448
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