Double Portion Of Cute With Tiny Puppies And Kittens

What's better than awwdorable puppies and awwdorable kittens separately? Adorable puppies and kittens together of course. Best of both worlds to the ones of us who are neither cat people nor dog people, those who cannot love either one more than the other. 

They may be itty bitty, but they fill your soul to the brim with the most innocent kind of joy, because they're the most innocent kinds of beings. It's a double portion of cute if you're feeling extra famished. So, grab another helping, and feast on the cutest of all cute, the tiniest of all tiny, and the most wholesome of both the cat and dog variety.

pictures of tiny kittens and puppies thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a puppy on some papers and another of a kitten sleeping on someone's hand
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