I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a rescued wild baby boar being affectionate with its human dad | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby boar nuzzling a man

After Getting Rescued, Baby Boar Refuses To Leave Its Human Papa (Video)

Chasing him around, nuzzling him, missing him when he's gone.
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tumblr thread about a story about a tiny dragon and a gold coin | thumbnail includes part of a tumblr thread 'Font - writing-prompt-s Follow The world's tiniest dragon must defend his hoard, a single gold coin, from those who would steal it. mildswearingat4am Follow Suggestion: The dragon's definition of "steal" is somewhat loose. It still allows the coin to be used and bartered and change hands-but on one condition: the dragon must be with it at all times'

Tumblr Thread: Prompt About The World's Tiniest Dragon And Its Gold Coin

Adorable illustrations included.
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pictures of cute baby snapping turtles thumbnail includes two pictures of baby snapping turtles on someone's palm

Baby Snapping Turtles Look Like Tiny Dinosaurs In Disguise

Adorable widdle dinosaur pictures
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viral imgur thread about a newly hatched mourning gecko | thumbnail includes a picture of a newly hatched mourning gecko on someone's hand 'A brand-new mourning gecko. She can't be more than a few days old. She's about an inch long. I found her while cleaning their enclosure. CorvusTheCrow'

Thread: Finding An Itty Bitty Newly Hatched Mourning Gecko

Teeny weeny creature of cuteness.
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35 images of tiny kittens | thumbnail left tiny kitten next to two packets of chik fil a sauce, thumbnail right tiny orange kitten bitting softly on human finger

35 Illegally Smol Kitties That Are Too Cute For Their Own Good

Criminally smol
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25 small animals on fingertips | thumbnail left small black lizard on thumb, thumbnail right baby bat hanging upside down from finger

25 Smol Teeny Tiny Animals That Fit Perfectly On Your Fingertip

So smol extra cute
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11 images and text tiny chihuahua found in suitcase of owners facebook story | thumbnail left tiny chihuahua being lifted out of suitcase by airline worker, thumbnail left man and airline worker lifting tiny chihuahua out of suitcase, text facebook post "Jared Owens is with Kristi Owens. September 26 at 10:13 PM · You know it's going to be an epic trip to Vegas when you get to the airport to check your bags..6lbs over weight, and out pops a chihuahua from your boot!! "

Couple Opens Overweight Luggage At Airport And Discover Their Chihuahua Inside

Surprise! Did you think you were going somewhere without Icky?
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photos and tweets about cute snakes | thumbnail includes two photos of snakes on twitter with the captions 'lil cowboy' and 'Not mine but look at him'

Sssuperbly Cute Snakes: Twitter Thread That Highlights Indisputable Cuteness Of These Heckin' Snakes

Snakes are not the most common pet, but we believe they're a very underrated slithery species. We've posted before about the gentle side that snakes have, whether it's 14 gentle snakes sporting top hats or a giant python taking care of a little girl , or simply some super silly reptile memes , it's clear that snakes have a sssoft side that many don't know about. Slippery slimey snakes are really the pet of the future. These silly creatures are so laid back, chill, and low maintenance. We hope y…
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video of a man building a little house in his home for a chipmunk | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled sleeping chipmunk

Building A Little House Inside Your Home For A Friendly Sleepy Chipmunk (Video)

Tiny and too cute <3
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video of a baby weasel playing with a human | thumbnail includes a picture of a tiny baby weasel held in someone's hand

Playtime With An Itty Bitty Awwdorable Weasel (Video)

Tiny, fierce, and too cute for this world.
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video of a tiny kitten playfighting with a huge dog | thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten on her back playing with a huge fluffy white dog

Smol Kitten Fiercely Battles A Large Gentle Dog (Video)

The cutest thing you will ever see.
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video of baby otters practicing picking things up with their hands | thumbnail includes a picture of a baby otter trying to pick something up with its paws

Baby Otters Practice Picking Things Up With Their Paws (Video)

it's. just. so. difficult. to. use. hands.
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viral imgur thread of a kitten with an umbilical cord still attached getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures of a white kitten 'I had just adopted a couple of cats so I had kitten formula in the pantry, otherwise she wouldn’t have made it.She was very tiny, and she still had the umbilical cord attached YucateCosa'

Thread: Saving And Adopting A Newborn Kitten With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

Thank goodness they were there <3
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collection of pictures of tiny kittens | thumbnail includes two pictures of kittens

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Gathers Again (Pics)

World domination right after short nap.
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video of a baby jaguar playing with its mom's ear | thumbnail includes two pictures including a baby jaguar biting its mom's ear and a baby jaguar falling

Ferocious Baby Jaguar Loses Battle Against Momma's Ear (Video)

Tiny but fierce.
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viral thread about a dog giving birth to 9 puppies | thumbnail includes two pictures of a mom dog with puppies 'Momma did it and gave birth to 9 fuzzbutts!!! tobeornottobeme'

Most Awwmazing Momma Gives Birth To 9 Puppies (Viral Threads)

Difficult but successful <3
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