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video of sloth being saved and taking ride with boat paddle | thumbnail image of murky water sloth emerging

Disoriented Sloth Catches Free Ride To Safety On Boat Paddle (Video)

Slow and steady?
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video of sloth crossing the road with help from human | thumbnail sloth at edge of road with human behind him attempting to help

Three Toed Sloth Attempts To Cross Street, Gets Help From Friendly Human (Video)

Why did the sloth cross the road
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List of 16 Cute Sloth Pictures | thumbnail left pic sloth hanging from tree, thumbnail right pic baby sloth sitting inside of teacup

Post Ice-Age Defrosted Slothy Smiles

A Good Ole Fashioned Collection Of Wholesome Sloths Just Living Their Lives
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Series of Cute Sloth Pictures| thumbnail right picture of group of playing sloths, left picture of small sloth with large nose

Suuuuper Sweet Series of Sloths

Wholesome Adorableness In A Small Slothy Package
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viral imgur threads about a recovering sloth thumbnail includes two pictures including a sloth playing with a girl's hair and a sloth hanging from a toy castle 'After MONTHS of not being able to use her arms, she finally can use her hands to itch! And she’s so happy! TheSlothVet'

Shenanigans Of An Adorable Recovering Sloth (Viral Posts)

The slowest hooligan lol
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video of a sloth getting a bath while holding onto a stuffed animal - thumbnail of sloth getting a bath while holding a stuffed animal

Sloth Gets A Bath While Holding Onto Stuffed Animal (Video)

Too precious
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Be still my heart

Welcome To Nature @welcomet0nature Baby Sloth was found lost in Costa Rica in the rain, he was rescued and was given a teddy bear to play.
Via @welcomet0nature
pictures and gifs of baby sloths thumbnail includes two pictures including one of two baby sloths cuddling and another of a baby sloth hanging from a tree branch

Baby Sloths Are Quickly Spreading Joy

Adorable gifs and pics of the slowest babies
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adorable video of a sloth chasing the camera to the jaws music - thumbnail of sloth

Awwdorable Smiling Sloth Chasing The Camera (Video)

That Jaws music though...
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baby sloths sloth funny lol aww cute adorable precious animals slow youtube video compilation

Compilation Of Sweet And Silly Baby Sloths (Video)

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sloth baby yawning video aww cute yawn yawns sloths moses youtube video adorable animals

Baby Sloth Can't Stop The Yawns (Video)

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Funny sloth comics | cute cartoon illustration comic book panel little sloth boy with a suitcase hitchhiking to get to a building very close to him funny lazy slow

Things That Can Happen To You Only If You're a Sloth (Comics)

Comic sloths
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Funny tumblr posts about sloths | benwinstagram fact sloths aren't extinct somehow proves if u go at ur own pace and mind ur own fuckin business u too can succeed STRANGEBEAVER.con

Tumblr Posts About Sloths That Are Really Funny

Tumblr posts about sloths
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sloth sloths aww cute animals items earrings mugs accessories | art and crafts wool woven sloth hanging from a branch and holding a plant | ceramic mug shaped like a sloth doing a hugging gesture while coffee is being poured between its arms

Bunch Of Really Cute Sloth-Related Items

Shut up and take our money!
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informative video animals Why sloths are so slow

The Evolution Which Allowed Sloths To Be So Slow

Why sloths are slow
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sloth sloths costa rica adventure beautiful stunning animals relax relaxation vacation | forest view green trees round circular water pools under greenery plants trees | cute pic of a sloth looking at the viewer with its head tilted to the side

Luxurious Costa Rica Hotel Lets You Chill With Sloths

Yes please!
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