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24 facebook comment and images of pets' weird sleeping habits | thumbnail image of cat cuddling stuffed rabbit "Gracey Angus ... This is Teddy. Teddy sleeps with bunny or not at all."

Cutely Peculiar Pet Sleeping Habits Shared By ICanHas Users

Uniquely adorable pets
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list of discussion 15 images instances of dogs not being morning dogs (rejecting mornings) | thumbnail text with blue background "had hoped getting a dog would help me get out of bed in the morning and stop oversleeping. Instead I spend my entire morning trying to wake his sleepy butt up so I can take him out to go to the bathroom before I go to work! It feels like trying to get a teenager out of bed for school lol. When my alarm goes off he groans and whines. On my days off I sleep"

Doggos Rejecting Mornings And Prioritizing Beauty Sleep

Not a morning dog, more of an early afternoon dog
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video of a man building a little house in his home for a chipmunk | thumbnail includes a picture of a curled sleeping chipmunk

Building A Little House Inside Your Home For A Friendly Sleepy Chipmunk (Video)

Tiny and too cute <3
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12 pregnant cat images | thumbnail left pregnant cat lying down, thumbnail right pregnant cat from above visible large belly

Cute Series Of 12 Pregnant Mama To Be Cats That Have Had Enough

We humans know, even if not first hand, how exhausting pregnancies can be! It is a super emotionally and physically draining experience that can leave women just looking for the closest spot to crawl up and take a nap. Apparently, we see a similar phenomenon in pregnant cats! These tired mamas have not even started the hard part of parenting, but might as well get a head start on sleep! This cute series of pregnant mama to be kitty cats tugs at our heartstrings because it is so gosh darn relata…
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29 images of cats sleeping in various positions and places | thumbnail left cat sleeping,  thumbnail right cat sleeping on shelf

Sleepy Cats Dozing Off Anywhere And Everywhere

Kitty Cats Can Fall Asleep Purrety Much Anywhere
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list of sleeping puppies | thumbnail is two images of sleeping puppies side by side

Sleeping Beauties, Tired Pups After A Longgg Rufff Day

Sleepy Puppies That Love To Cuddle
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video of a pigeon putting itself to bed thumbnail includes a picture of a seraphim pigeon walking on the floor

Cute Pigeon That Loves Bedtime Puts Itself To Bed (Video)

"He loves bedtime so much he goes in himself"
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11 cute pictures of kittens sleeping

11 Super Sweet Photos of Sleeping Kittens

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dogs sleeping in awkward positions

15 Photos of Dogs Sleeping in Funny Positions

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pictures of lambs being carried by donkeys thumbnail includes two pictures of lambs saddled onto a donkey's back

Sleepy Lambs Carried By Donkey In Specially-Tailored Saddles

Donkey nannies for newborn lambs <3
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instagram spotlight of fluffy and sleepy-looking look barnaby - thumbnail includes two images of barnaby the dollface persian

Animals Of Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: Adorably Disheveled Barnaby

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tweets of kids and people sleeping curled up with their cats thumbnail includes two pictures including an infant sleeping next to a cat and a slightly older child sleeping next to a cat 'Head - Nick Harvey @mrnickharvey ... Every night, for as long as I can remember, my cat and my twelve year old share a pillow. How it started: How it's going: 10:49 AM - Jan 28, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 7.6K Retweets 335 Quote Tweets 52.6K Likes'

Heartwarming Tweets Of Children Sleeping Next To Cats

Sharing a pillow with the warmest pillow.
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sleepy seal get woken up - thumbnail of hand about to touch seal belly

Short Video Of What It Is Like To Wake Up A Seal

Hint: it's heckin' cute
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baby duck tries to stay awake during class - thumbnail of baby duckling falling asleep

Baby Duckling Can't Stay Awake During Accounting Class (Video)

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funny pictures of cats falling asleep in uncomfortable places and positions thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sleeping inside of a dustpan instead of in its bed and another of a cat sleeping on a stairs' handrail

Cats Falling Asleep In The Most Uncomfortable Positions

we're jealous tbh
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bean the rat gets a real bed to sleep on and loves it - thumbnail of happy rat tucked in to bed

Bean The Rat Gets Real Bed, Immediately Snoozes (Video)

Life is good for Bean
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