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16 pictures of cats sleeping everywhere but their bed | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange and white cat sleeping inside a foosball table and a kitten sleeping inside a pool table

Cats Call It A Night And Hit The Hay In The Tightest Places They Can Find

Time for a well-deserved nap
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video of pigeon waking cat up from nap | thumbnail image of white tabby orange cat lying down on side sleeping

Pigeon Rudely Interrupts Orange Tabby's Cat Nap (Video)

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19 images of sleeping cats | thumbnail left cat sleeping on glass table, thumbnail right cat sleeping draped out of green seat

Purrfectly Silly Cats Plop Down And Fall Asleep After Long Days Of Being Adorable

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A TikTok video of a white cat that fell asleep on the kitchen counter | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white cat that is sleeping on a chair and a kitchen counter 'cats make every nap look like the best sleep ever!'

Serotonin Boost: White Cat Dozes Off On Kitchen Countertop And Makes It Look So Blissful

so. cute.
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A Reddit thread where a person shared they woke up to a cat sleeping on their carpet even though they don't have a cat | Thumbnail includes a sleeping cat on a carpet 'r/CasualUK Posted by u/jasont1235 2 days ago 7 S3 woke up this morning to this little guy snoring on my bedroom floor. I don't own a cat'

Dude Wakes Up To A Sleeping Cat On His Carpet, Catch Is He Doesn't Have A Cat

Ah, classic cat
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15 screenshots from Reddit about a senior cat that demands to be spooned every night before bed | Thumbnail includes a photo of a man cuddling a cat in bed and a photo of a cat sticking its tongue out 'My senior cat won't let me sleep unless I spoon him every night'

Senior Cat Refuses To Fall Asleep Unless His Hooman Spoons Him Before Bed

So fragile and gentle 🥺
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5 TikTok videos of cat people sharing videos of their cats sleeping in weird positions | Thumbnail includes a grey cat squished in a bag, a white cat laying on its stomach with legs out, and a white cat in a box 'Winston is obsessed with my bag'

TikTokers Expose Their Cats For Choosing The Most Uncomfortable Positions And Places To Sleep In

Cats are weird like that
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4 TikTok videos of cats taking naps | Thumbnail includes a black cat and orange cat napping, an orange and white cat napping through a window, and a tabby cat napping on a bed 'I'm gonna lay right here and have myself a little nappy A little napparonni and cheese if you will'

TikTok Cats Get Ready To Take Naps, Nappies, And Napparonis

Belly faced up
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collection of stories about cats dreaming | thumbnail includes one Facebook comment 'Font - Crystal Newton My boy cat tucks his front paws under his chin. His whiskers twitch and he kicks his back feet like a lil bunny when he is dreaming. It's adorable. My girl cat snores very loudly. She sleeps on her back with her mouth open like a dog, tongue hanging out and her eyes half open. It's creepy as hell. O2 Like Reply Hide Send Message 8h'

Cats Can Dream Too: Awwdorable Sleeping Cats Moments From ICanHas Users

Adorable even in their sleep.
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2 minute YouTube video of one cat grooming another until he falls asleep | Thumbnail includes two maine coon cats laying on a white surface

Fluffy Maine Coon Grooms Her Brother Until He Falls Asleep (Video)

Insomnia be gone
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6 TikToks of cute cats | Thumbnail includes an orange cat sleeping in different positions 'Videos of George sleeping proven to boost serotonin'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Sweet Cats, Smol Cats, And Sleepy Cats

Pure bliss and cuteness
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8 TikTok videos of people showing their sleeping cats and saying that they aren't allowed to move until they wake up | Thumbnail includes three and a half sleeping cats on their humans 'Everyone who has a cat know... You are legally required to stay in the same position'

Cat Owners Say They Are Legally Required To Stay In The Same Position Until Their Cats Say Otherwise

It's a cats world and were living in it
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video of korean k-cat drama sleeping human and cat | thumbnail image of korean actor, left three cats, korean writing

'Butler, How Dare You?' A K-Cat Drama (Video)

Relatable and adorable
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imgur thread about cats lying down flat on their backs | thumbnail includes two pictures of kittens lying flat on their backs

Cats Lying Flat On Their Backs Because Of Their Totally Exhausting Lives

Sleeping and eating and bathing can be really hard sometimes.
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20 photos of rats and their huge rat cage from Reddit | Thumbnail includes a picture of three rats and a big rat cage 'Ratopia!!<3, RAquariumT, EPIC RAT Kingdom!'

Ratopia: 20 Photos Of Rat Bliss And Their Kingdom

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15 dog tweets, self care | thumbnail blue background "Sophie Vershbow @svershbow I love when dogs put themselves to bed. Yes you self- care king, listen to your body and do what feels right. 5:05 AM · Mar 9, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 12.1K Retweets 647 Quote Tweets 186.1K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Self Care Prioritizing Doggos Putting Themselves To Sleep

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