Photographer Highlights Similarities Between Pets And Their Owners

If you ever watched Disney's 101 Dalmations, you may recall the opening scene in which the Pongo is searching for a match for his human. As he looks out into the street, he sees multiple people, with their dog in tow, and each person matches their dog in some way or another. It's an adorable scene and now we're itching to re-watch that masterpiece. 

In general, they say owners tend to pick out pets that look similar to themselves. Professional animal photographer, Gerrard Gethings, has created these portraits to prove that theory. And honestly, we're completely convinced. 

The resemblance between these pet owners and their beloved pets is uncanny and cannot be ignored. The series is called #doyoulooklikeyourdog and #doyoulooklikeyourcat. Gethings then compares the portraits and highlights the similarities.

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photographer highlight comparisons of how human and their pets tend to look alike in portraits - thumbnail of older gentleman and his cat who looks just like him
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