I Can Has Cheezburger?

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We're On a Mission... From Dog.

corgi disguise similar sounding sunglasses tie - 6440914688
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So Much Pun: Two of the Animal Kingdom's Finest Actors

cat Cats puns Samuel L Jackson similar sounding suffix - 6411351552
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So Much Pun: You Know He'll Be a Quality Employee

Hall of Fame koala literalism prefix puns similar sounding - 6157402880
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Bleak House

house pun similar sounding - 6042022656
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Classic Lolcat

cat classics pun similar sounding - 5945682432
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Teh toof?

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My name iz Mao.

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Determined tu get an 'A'

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Et Tu

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Kitteh Sutra

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Wayk up in da mornin

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Product ofMalaysia<----------------

box caption captioned cat fruit pun similar sounding sleeping - 5434557440
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I have a friend

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Hall of Fame panda panda bear prefix pun similar sounding - 5179090432
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